Retired Army CPT, Iraq War Veteran, and J6 Defendant Gabriel Garcia Blocked from Entering Base for Medical Assistance – Biden DOJ Put Him on Terrorist List for Walking Inside US Capitol – PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN

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By Jim Hoft Oct. 22, 2023
From The Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviews retired CPT and J6 defendant Gabriel Garcia in February 2023

Gabriel Garcia is a retired US Army Captain living in Florida. Gabriel served his country for 15 years, retiring in 2018. He served in Iraq, lived in Korea by the DMZ, traveled the world, and loved his work serving his country.

Captain Garcia traveled to Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, to work security with the Proud Boys.  He made this decision after Antifa terrorists attacked Trump supporters following a rally on December 12, 2020, in the nation’s capital.

Antifa leftists stabbed at least four Trump supporters following the Stop the Steal rally in December 2020.

Captain Gabriel Garcia attended the January 6 rally and walked over to the US Capitol.  He was filming the entire time.  Garcia entered the US Capitol.  There were no police at the door when he walked in.  There was no alarm going off. He took video from inside the US Capitol.  Then he left when he was asked to leave. Gabriel told The Gateway Pundit, “I never heard someone get on the loudspeaker and say, hey, you can’t be in here at this time. You’re going to be prosecuted and arrested. None of that. There were no verbal commands for you to disperse.”

On January 19, 2021, FBI agents banged on his door and stormed his home at 5:30 AM in the morning. Gabriel later found out that it was the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Army CID who stormed his home and traumatized his family. The government that he served for 15 years turned on him. The Army CID is a criminal investigation division that usually works at military installations. “I found it very strange when I got this report about a year later that they actually had someone from the Department of Defense in my house arresting a civilian who was home at the time.”

Captain Garcia was isolated and refused a phone call for three days. He was released and for the next several days the fake news surrounded his home. At one point, CNN reporters were in his driveway looking in his vehicles for anything to use for a story.

Gabriel Garcia was later banned from Airbnb, canceled from Chase Bank, and banned from social media platforms. He was forced to sell his business at the time.

** Please help retired CPT Gabriel Garcia – donate to his GiveSendGo if you can.

During his previous interview with The Gateway Pundit Gabriel Garcia released video of Nancy Pelosi’s filmmaker daughter Alexandra Pelosi saying many very shocking things. Alexandra mocks the idea that January 6th was an insurrection and admits that DC is too biased to hold fair trials and that many J6ers would be found not guilty if their cases were handled anywhere else in the country, and much more. The video went viral on the internet and was ignored by the mainstream legacy media.

Retired Marine Captain, father, Iraq War veteran and J6 defendant Gabriel Garcia

On Saturday, Gabriel Garcia told The Gateway Pundit about the latest abuse he endured while visiting his children in El Paso, Texas.

Gabriel told us about the abuse he faces by his government every time he flies.

Illegal aliens in line to fly from El Paso to Atlanta for free paid for by US taxpayers.

Gabriel Garcia: Every time I travel I always get stopped. I’m now on the terrorist watch list, like so many other J-6ers. And once I got there, the trip going wasn’t that bad.

But I got sick while I was there in El Paso, Texas. And I’m retired military, so I’m entitled to get looked at for any medical issues I might have at the military base, if there’s a military base in the area, instead of going to the hospital. So I try to go into the base (in El Paso) and I have my son with me. They try to run my military ID, my veteran ID. And then it came back saying that I needed to speak with the supervisor, that for some reason I’m banned from going in there.

So then they searched my car. After they searched my car they made me turn around to a smaller building where they said I have to check with one of the supervisors from the gate guards to check if I was indeed in a terrorist watch list. And I go, I could assure you I am. And I had to tell him because of January 6 and what’s going on. And he’s like, “Well, in that case, that’s why you’re not allowed to come in here.” And I told him, “What am I supposed to do? Then? I’m retired military, and the military hospital is in there, and that’s where I’m supposed to go.” And he told me pretty much, “Well, you’re going to have to figure it out, but you can’t come in here.”

So I ended up going to paying out of pocket, going to a local clinic, urgent care clinic, where I ended up having strep throat and had to buy my own medicine as well.

Jim Hoft: So this is the first time that’s ever happened, correct?

Gabriel Garcia: I just didn’t know I couldn’t use the benefits in a military base…

…And that is part of my benefits. I am entitled to go also shopping because the gas is cheaper, food shopping is cheaper, what’s called the commissary PX… And, I mean, I served this country, retired Army Captain, and I can even take my kids or even use the gym or the facilities inside the base, right?

And what gets me upset is it’s El Paso, Texas. As you’re aware, all the illegal immigration that’s going on, and you have military guys helping out with the illegals there and even flying them out of the airport. I couldn’t believe it. I counted 37 as I waited for an hour and a half to get approval from Homeland Security and TSA to get a boarding pass. These guys were just coming in with their Salvation Army bags and boarding on a flight to fly.

Jim Hoft: And so they so the illegals get a free pass. They can go anywhere they want. They don’t have to wait. They’re not being harassed?

Gabriel Garcia: No, not at all… And not only that, then I get escorted to my gate, and then I get checked again while I have 30 70s illegal immigrants just going in the flight, and none of them are even getting stopped… I got my – trial coming next month, November 20. But this right here, just when I saw that happen, I just couldn’t stay quiet on this. It’s disgusting what’s going on, how they’re treating myself, other J-6ers, even veterans that are going through this.

Here is the audio from tonight’s phone call.

** And please remember to donate to CPT Garcia to help him and his family during this time.


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