REVEALED: What School Book Fairs Are Teaching Children

Shared by Don T. Mashak
Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot


SkyTree Book Fair and I did a deep dive and discovered the cause of why sexually explicit and disgusting books get into our children’s schools, classrooms, and libraries.

Here’s what we’re up against.

These are books Scholastic promotes at book fairs in schools. Here are pages from “Welcome to St. Hell,” a 2022 Scholastic book glamorizing gender transitioning to middle schoolers. (We’ve censored these pages as the original content could violate social media policies against adult material):

Scholastic holds a virtual monopoly on school book fairs. Like many of our cultural institutions in the last decade, Scholastic has fallen prey to the woke mob and radical LGBT political agenda.

Scholastic promotes this agenda over the well-being of our children.

Here is the solution:

SkyTree Book Fair offers schools a different option for book fairs. SkyTree Book Fairs is providing schools, parents, and children with an empowering alternative with literature rooted in truth and family values that matches the quality and ease of Scholastic while countering their harmful agenda.

Here’s how you can help.

I am asking for your urgent support to help SkyTree replace Scholastic in schools. Can you donate $35, $50, or even $100 today toward Sky Tree? We are kicking off with a goal to raise $100,000 this month. 

 SkyTree was inspired by my first children’s book, As You Grow. Now, I am helping them spread to schools across the country as an alternative to Scholastic. And here’s the thing: SkyTree will not only promote age-appropriate books, but they will do so more efficiently to make it easier for schools to choose SkyTree over Scholastic.

And it’s working!

SkyTree has already secured its first public school book fair in Spotsylvania, VA!

No more race-infused storylines. No more confusing gender content. Only age-appropriate content that will nurture childhood innocence and character.

SkyTree needs your support today. American children need your support today!!

We are quickly lining up hundreds of new book fairs in the Spring semester. It costs roughly $7,500 to host a book fair. Please help sponsor SkyTree book fairs in schools across the country.

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