12th May 2024
By Don T. Mashak
Don Mashak

The Cynical Patriot 

First published HERE.



These suggestions are made on the basis of the critical assessment of the 2022 MN GOP CD6 Convention.

Let’s cut to the chase, & provide the evidence and reasoning necessitating this course of action afterwards.

When you show up, review the proposed convention rules. Amend them as you see fit.

  1. That all platform resolutions from lower conventions must be presented to the Convention in the original form passed by delegates from those conventions;
  2. That the convention may not adjourn until all of said platform resolutions are presented, debated and then voted upon;
  3. That any of said platform resolutions that are passed by the delegates, must be presented to the state convention in the same form that they were passed in;
  4. Extend the time for debate and the number of persons, pro and con who are allowed to speak;
  5. Requiring any nominee for any party, local, State and/or Federal office, be required to answer questions from delegates rather than simply give a speech;
  6. Requiring that any nominee for any party, local, State or Federal officed be required to declare, and reduce to writing, their sworn opposition to the entire Progressive Globalist World Economic Forum (hereafter “Progressive” ) Agenda (;;, without reservation, before the MN GOP CD6 Convention endorses or elects them, As the case may be;
  7. Always remember, you can move to suspend the rules if the Convention Officers try to use the rules and their positions to oppress the rights and will of a majority of the Delegates;
  8. All Constitutional Conservative Republicans must find the strength, courage and will to thwart attempts by the Progressive RINOs among us to manipulate the process, and further advance the seditious and treasonous Progressive Agenda.  If you want this PROGRESSIVE COLD REVOLUTION defeated peacefully, thus avoiding violent counter-revolution, you must (yes you) get out of your comfort zone. You must be the one to stand up to the Progressive RINOs, and call them out on their tactics to subvert the will of the majority, and further advance the seditious and treasonous Progressive Agenda.

These suggestions are made on the basis of the critical assessment of the 2022 MN GOP CD6 Convention. Now let us to begin to present and dissect our reasons for these actions list above.

  1. In our Representative, Constitutional Republic, ideas and directions are supposed to flow from the “bottom up”. MN GOP CD6 and the entire Republican Party have reversed this to a “top down” authoritarian style.
  2. The Convention Rules the Convention Leaders propose are intend to limit, rather than maximize, “bottom up” input from convention delegates; (e.g. only 2 persons for and 2 persons against can speak on any matter, any then only for 2-3 minutes)
  3. 2022 MNGOP CD6 Convention Leaders, “lost” proposed platform resolutions coming up from the lower convention process. In particular, this delegate personally had his resolution to “end the Administrative State” (, “lost”. Anticipating this would happen, this delegate had brought additional copies to hand out. So, devastating to the Progressive agenda, was this platform resolution that the party officials threatened to have me arrested for distributing copies. They said I had to have prior approval. Psst, The vote to pass on my resolution to the MN GOP CD6 convention by delegates in the lower party process, was my prior approval!
  4. Emboldened by this delegates’ vigorous pursuit of his platform resolution, other 2022 MN GOP CD6 Delegates began questioning what happened to their platform resolutions. Their Platform resolutions ranged on such topics as COVID-19, the Border, Critical Race Theory, use of police to lock down people and businesses, 2020 Black Lives Matter riots, Election Integrity, Alternative Lifestyles and Transgender surgery being taught and encouraged by Public Schools, Judicial Corruption, and, Corporations as People, etc.  The most common response the delegates received was that the Convention Leadership had condensed all the “downstream” platform resolutions that came to them with their summary of the intended meaning of the “downstream” platform resolutions.
  5. Don’t let the Progressive RINO Convention leaders close the meeting before all of the resolutions are heard, debated and voted upon. If this happens, a subcommittee comprised of these Progressive RINO Convention leaders will take the opportunity, in private, to reject, combine and mold these resolutions in ways least contradictory to the Progressive Agenda and not the true will of the rank-and-file delegates. For those that attended the 2022 MNGOP CD6 convention, recall how the Progressive RINO convention leaders reduced the dozens of Platform Resolution down to 4-5 “milk toast” summaries that bore little or no resemblance to the will of the delegates;
  1. About this time, seemingly on cue, Progressive RINO delegates started calling to adjourn the meeting about 2pm, and about once per hour thereafter repeated their attempts. 4 different times this delegate stood to offer opposition to the motion to adjourn. Each time this delegate spoke, he said approximately, “We only get to do this every 2 years, and our country is on fire. If you folks who want to adjourn have something more important to do than saving the country, go ahead and leave, the rest of us are staying because this is more important than anything else today”. The last time, the Progressive RINO Convention leaders had said the meeting would suspend because it would take 45minutes to an hour to count the votes. As soon as I left the room(about 10 minutes after the vote tabulating began), our Progressive RINO convention leaders called the meeting to order. And, without this delegate present, a motion to adjourn was passed;
  2. Persons seeking nominations and endorsements were allowed to give speeches, but no delegates were allowed to ask them questions from the floor while they were on “mike”, and on stage;
  3. Progressive RINOs assert the masses are too stupid to govern themselves. As we heard Progressive DINOs Obama and Gruber assert said Progressive right to lie to the masses back in circa 2010. With this in mind, this delegate implores you to be on the Convention vote counting committee. Cockroaches hate the light of day. Thus, being one and the same as Progressive DINOs, the Progressive RINOs did not vigorously challenge that Democrats rigged the 2020 election. Ergo, why wouldn’t Progressive RINOs rig convention voting.

    “It does not matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes”
    ~ Stalin, USSR Leader
  4. Most of you are not aware that Progressive RINOs get together before each convention and agree to vote for only each other.  Let’s say a convention gets 100 delegates to the next level up and their 200 delegates present who are running. If the Progressive RINOs only vote for each other, while the remaining people divide their votes among all the candidates for delegate, a disproportionate number of Progressive RINO delegates will advance to the next level. One way to stop this machination is to have ask each candidate declare their unreserved, total opposition to the entire Progressive Agenda. (,
  5. Delegates to every political convention in America, should be aware of similar machinations in their party, and adopt the counter-measures suggested here, as they see fit.

Still further, the resultant proposed counter-measures to are intended defend and protect the US Constitution, the Natural Law our Country is founded upon(“Laws of Nature”, 1stparagraph, US Declaration of Independence), and the will of the Constitutional Conservative majority. The following points provide and even broader basis for the need for redress of oppressions and violations of the rights of convention delegates by the Republican and Democratic Parties:

  1. In 2012, at the GOP National Convention, Ron Paul delegates were denied being “seated”.;
  2. Circa 2012, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, a Progressive RINO, declared he would crush the Constitutional Conservatives known as the TEA Party ( );
  3. In 2022, MN GOP Chair Hahn unseated delegates, worked against grassroots endorsed GOP Candidates, replaced grassroots delegates from Otter Tail – Morrison – and Clay County with Establishment hacks, committed other unconstitutional and other questionable acts.;
  4. In 2022, Wright County BPOU and MNCD6 officers lost or killed Grassroots Platform resolutions from lower Caucus Conventions, and then failed to provide an adequate answer to delegates that asked what happened to their resolutions.
  5. In 2022, this Cynical Patriot was kicked out of the Republican Party without written notice, provision of facts, nor written findings, as required by the Robert’s Rules of Order. When this delegate reminded them of this, the Progressive RINOs said notice was not necessary because the Republican Party is a private Corporation, and not an instrument of the People(club). The final straw for these Progressive RINOs seems to be when I announced I was going to the 2022 MN State Convention and would move to suspend the rules to have my Platform Resolution, discussed, debated and voted upon. The Progressive RINO MNCD6 GOP Convention Leaders themsleves knew/know how damaging to the Progressive Agenda this Resolution would be, while at the same time revealing them as the Progressive RINOs they are.. Instead, at was supposed to be a secret meeting, I showed up and got to hear the reason I was being kicked out was for allegedly calling various officers “Progressives” and “Communists”. In reality, I had said they were acting like Progressives and Communists. Again, the real reason for these Progressive RINOs doing so being my introduction of a Platform Resolution to end the Administrative State. Now, similar to Trump’s alleged Russian Collusion, Progressives knew they could not let the masses know the real reason they were opposing me. Instead, Progressive RINOs & DINOs created a fake FBI-Style COINTELPRO file on me. Several times this delegate has asked the courts to force the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and Wright and Sherburne County Sheriffs Departments to turn over any records have on me. The Courts and Law Enforcement refuse to comply. If these records were true and correct, there would be no hesitation to provide them to me… Apparently, Law Enforcement was more than happy to publish these allegations throughout the community, but the subject of whatever allegations is not allowed to see the allegations? I have no criminal record, save minor traffic violations.
  6. You can read the Platform resolution that got me kicked out of the GOP here >
  7. Recall that in 2008, Progressive RINOs and DINOs gave the big banks $700 Billion in TARP bailouts instead of putting the executives and Board Directors in jail and pulling their Charters. Further, they instead let the bank executives who nearly destroyed our banking system, to use tax payer money to give themselves huge bonuses, while the victims of the crime were derisively ignored. And, to add insult to injury, Congressfolks and Government officials took bribes, political contributions and other consideration paid for with taxpayer money;
  8. Recall the Progressive RINO GOP Leadership did not seriously confront the Democrats over the rigged 2020 election, nor punish Democrats for the debunked Fake Trump-Russia Collusion dossier;
  9. In 2024, MNGOP Chair banned the entire Otter Tail County slate of delegates;(
  10. For the last 15+ years, Congressional Republicans have elected Progressive RINOs to lead them. First the Senate – “Crush the TEA Party” McConnell, Now the House – Boehner, Ryan, McCarthy and Johnson.  As you will recall, Johnson just let the Democrats write their own budget ( ), and continued the unconstitutional NDAA/FISA ( )
  11. US Progressives are engaged in a new paradigm of warfare known as infiltration or permeation.
    It calls for slow infiltration of the target society over generations so no one generation experiences enough change to be moved to resist, revolt or mount a counter-revolution. They adopted this method from the UK Fabian Socialists.

“The Fabians preferred the method of “permeation,” or what Margaret (Postgate) Cole termed the
“honeycomb” effect. Instead of undertaking direct confrontational action, for example, by aligning
themselves with working-class trade unionism or other militant socialists, the Fabians sought to change
the system from within, and would achieve this by a process of infiltration.”
12) Progressive Marxist Saul Alinsky’s 1971, “Rules For Radicals” is a strategy to trick free countries into Marxism. Among other things, it encourages Radicals to join and infiltrate all kinds of groups and organizations; Clubs, Community groups, Labor Unions, political groups. Then either turn the organization to advancing aspects of Progressive Marxism, or letting or forcing it to collapse. This what happened to “Occupy” and the TEA Party. Occupy was infiltrated by Soros’ “MoveOn” group. Progressive RINO elites sent Progressive RINOs into the TEA Party. Unable to bend the TEA Party to the Progressive Agenda, Progressive RINO political operatives usurped control, and engaged in ineffective activities, until members lost interest.  Republicans and Democrats alike, please take note, Progressives have infiltrated your party, and usurped control.
13) Progressives adopted a policy of not overtly stating what their true agenda was/is. Instead, they would pass their agenda by hiding it in policies and legislation that appeared to help the masses, but actually advanced their agenda. The Minimum Wage is one such policy. It appears to help the masses. But its actual intent was to discriminate against Minorities, immigrants and women. The Founders and Elites of Progressivism are Racist, Xenophobes, and sexists. Business were hiring minorities, immigrants and woman because they worked much cheaper than white men. Their reasoning was that if the minimum wage was raised high enough business would be forced to hire only white men, because only white men could produce enough value to cover the high minimum wage. Their intent was to starve out minorities, make immigrants no longer want to come here, and put women back in the kitchen. (Pages 158-169, Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics and American Economics in the Progressive Era (2016) by Hardcore, Practicing, Progressive Professor, Thomas Leonard)

Presumably, it is clear to you now that Progressive Elites are a conniving group not to be trusted.

You are encourage to drill into your mind that if you fill Congress with Progressive RINOs & DINOs, they again will sabotage, and prevent Trump from addressing the issues that must be address. You will have wasted another 4 years that should have been used to save our country before it is too late.

Finally, it is a mistake to think we are not in a revolution, just because you do not see, hear, and smell the traditional sights, sounds and smell of traditional warfare. Progressive Elite Permeation and Infiltration Welfare are designed and intended to think we are at peace.

If you want to save our country in peaceful counter-revolution, you cannot remain a wall flower; you can not let yourself be intimidated. This former delegate and Republican is no one special, anything I can do, you can do. This former delegate to 2022 MNGOP MNCD6 convention apologizes for publishing this late. He was involved in a severe accident last year when another driver rear-ended him at full speed while he was stopped at a stoplight. This former delegate and Republican Party Member sustained a concussion, injury to his eyes and other injuries that he still has not recovered from.

May this former delegate suggest to you that you save this link on your computer, and set a timer to remind you January 2026 and January 2028. This former delegate doubts that will live to November 2028. It will be up to you to carry the torch

Another Independent Perspective on MNGOP CD6 2024 Convention (Video)

Keep fighting the good fight, fellow patriots.

Those were my thoughts.

Thank you for your time.

In Liberty,

Don Mashak, 612-249-3299
Rt. 1 Box 231, Albertville, MN 55301

This Citizen is a Free Person and State National
under the Organic, Original Constitution of the United States of America

This composition inspired by Richard Kovacevich, Daniel Saklad, Sherri Hallerman Gould, David Lillehaug, Jeff Blodgett, Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Roger Oakerman and William Bunker

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