Trump’s Amazing Victory an Year Ago and the Power of Persuasion

By Sumiitra Yiohan Sooriaarratchi

One year ago on 8th November 2016 the American people sent a clear message to the sick establishment in America. A stunning backlash in spite of the mainstream media propaganda machine and all the pundits who thought themselves superior to the American public. It was a wonderful sight to see those pompous liberals dumbfounded by the election results. It was a clear sign that mainstream politics (both Republican and Democrat) was totally out-of-touch with the people who really matter – the American public.

The results signaled the rise of conservatism being the new counter-culture. Who could ever have imagined that being a conservative would be cool? That just shows how badly the liberals had screwed up America by totally ignoring the people and handing the country over to the business interests and military industrial complex. Wasn’t that supposed to be the job of the Neo-cons or neo conservatives like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney? It turns out that the Neo-Liberals (Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton,  John Kerry) are no better than the Neo-conservatives – both serve the same corporate masters and make life for the common man unbearable.

Well one thing for sure is that the 2016 election was the final nail in the coffin of the biased, mind-controlling mainstream media (MSM) who up until then had felt that they held sway over public opinion and possessed the magical power of being able to turn lies into the truth – by repeating the same rubbish over and over again; or the other power held so dearly – the brutal smear campaigns which they had always used effectively like weapons of mass destruction or distraction to discredit their enemies. What filthy scum this mainstream media!

Effective use of new and not-so-new technology gave Trump’s unconventional campaign the edge. People were able to turn to blogs and twitter to hear from Trump or pro-Trump alternative media. For once the mediums that had been designed to control the “brain-dead” masses were turned against the “over-lords” who like to think they run the world. Alex Jones (Info Wars), Gerald Celente (Trends in the News), Paul Joseph Watson (Prison Planet), Steve Bannon (why is everyone so negative about Steve Bannon and ranting about him being a racist? I really don’t get it? Just liberal hysteria I suppose and many others became more reliable and analytical than the “experts” on CNN (It was great to see crowds chanting “CNN sucks!” at Trump campaign rallies). Trump was basically able to smash both the political establishment (Republican and Democratic establishment) and the mainstream media with a freaking sledge-hammer.

Personally, I found cartoonist Scott Adams – creator of Dilbert – to be one of the best election result predictors and analyst of election campaign tactics during the run-up to the election. These tactics include the powers of psychological manipulation and persuasion – really interesting stuff.

We  can’t expect the liberal mainstream media to give up without a fight. Google, Facebook, YouTube and other corporate giants are taking “fake news” very seriously and we can bet that serious efforts will be taken to curtail any alternative  sources of information.  We’ll see what happens and how all this plays out.

In the meantime lets watch these interesting videos.

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