What Has Gone Awry with The January 6th Patriots’ Court Cases: Consolidate Your Powers

1st November 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I have posted many posts to Leaf on the January 6th patriots since 2021. My main concern and task on the days following the incident was to put the conservative media straight on the fact that what occurred on that day on January 6th, was a natural and organic response to a STOLEN ELECTION. The patriots of America naturally responded with not violence as the violent radical Democrats did throughout the summer of 2020, for spurious reasons, but to truly protest a stolen Presidential Election 2020, by attending a Rally by President Donald J. Trump.

Thereafter I proceeded to give a very truthful account of what happened on that day, in what I called the real story. I also went on to add another post of what took place in clips and posts.

Everything that was done on that day by the Patriots was CONSTITUTIONAL and within the Law. 

What transpired after the event was utterly and absolutely UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!

What was most unbelievable was that those who stayed at home and at work, were determined to see this as an insurrection of some sort ! That was a miserable way to look at something that had happened that was organic and most liberating. 

Further, it dawned on me that only a certain number of the conservatives were really aware of what it is to be an American ! These so-called conservatives, (not necessarily RINOs or Republican-In-Name-Only), most probably NEVER read the Constitution and NEVER knew anything about what The Founding Fathers had fought for and won for them so many years ago, so that may live peacefully. They had obviously NEVER read the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence* !!!

So, the mayhem that followed is what comes of a section of the conservative population being utterly ignorant or foolish and cowardly or all of the above.  

Class Action Lawsuit.

Entering and leaving a restricted building doesn’t amount to obstructing the law when law enforcement themselves have allowed you to enter such premises, I believe, under the belief that this building is the House of the People, which it rightly is. This is especially so, when the said persons enter and leave with no destruction to the property considering the one million of them who were present at President Trump’s Ellipse Rally.

What we see happening right now is, each patriot sentenced to imprisonment, however unlawfully, fighting for himself or herself ! This should not be the case, as one will appear and say he did not enter the Capitol on January 6th, and therefore must not be charged. Another patriot will come forward saying he was inside the Capitol but must not be charged as he did not destroy any property. With yet another coming up saying he was there as it was his constitutional right to protest a stolen election.

It is more than evident to everyone out there that when you come up like this, fighting in numerous directions, there is no way you are going to make an impression on the judiciary. You are only giving them fodder to boost the dogmatic Democrat narrative, which is, it was an insurrection and these are all insurrectionists.

What we need is a bastion of Patriots fighting for their rights which they lawfully deserve, as a group which believes that their Constitutional Rights were trod  upon and needed to be redressed as a whole. 

Make it clear to all, that their rights were trodden upon when they stole the 2020 Election and they were further trodden upon when they protested against it by sending them all to prison. This is committing double jeopardy against the Patriots.

Whom we are up against is The Deep State. They are the Globalists who will throttle the people and wrangle power from the people to whom power is rightfully due. They are the Elite Class ! It is an absolutely formidable force that is ready to scotch you. So, be warned of this and be prepared. 

If you act on this solution, there is no way these Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump or Biden appointed and Soros funded judges can put everyone in on different spurious charges. We should fight to get this in order. I’m not sure of the legal proceeding that would make this possible. Obviously, the individual attorneys and groups such as Judicial Watch may know how this can be achieved.

However, it is well within your Constitutional Rights to do so. What has been lacking in America so far is that We the People have steered away from forming their  Committees of Correspondence as advised by The Founders and documented in the Declaration of Independence, during a time just as difficult as the times we are faced with today. 

No one can stop you from forming your COCs. But, they will call you extremists and white supremacists when you form patriotic groups that call themselves the Proud Boys, (whom I’m very proud of BTW), the Oath Keepers and so on. Although the the formation of these groups too are well within their Rights and are guaranteed by the Constitution. The Committees of Correspondence have no name they can be identified by, and they are guaranteed by the Constitution and recommended as being the proper solution and an answer to tackling a tyrannical government peacefully, by The Founders. 

What you do is, form your CoCs and compile a list of your grievances, in this case grievances relevant to the freedoms that you are being denied by a tyrannical Government, rights that you have every right to enjoy as an American citizen !

To this effect We the People patriots MUST now Act to restore their Constitutional Rights, which in turn will then restore the Constitutional Republic to its true glory. 

Let us see progress taking place in the near future to this end.

If this is achieved, We the People patriots can definitely put traitor Mike Pence behind bars and eventually all traitor tyrants, incarcerated, where they rightly belong. This is the next step to restoring our fundamental Natural Rights given to us by Natural Law, which are Unalienable Natural Rights !!! 

Consolidate your powers in this hostile environment and climate that the Deep State has created that makes it impossible for you to restore your freedoms. Come together as a collective force that is insurmountable. A force that cannot be beaten because you are the Force that deserves rightful power, rightfully. You are We the People ! the MOST Powerful force on Earth.   

I would like to know where the newly elected Speaker of The House, Rep. Mike Johnson, stands with regard to the J6ers.

There are many posts in Leaf, this Site, that speak of the formation of the CoCs and matters pertaining to the Constitution. You have only to search under the relevant words. There is also the Document, the Second Modern Declaration of Causes by Don Mashak, which is truly liberating just reading. Hopefully you will do so and gain from it.

Let us RESIST TYRANNY ! Now! Before it’s too late. Let us together, all, bring down this DESPOT BIDEN and his ADMINISTRATION, installed there by The Deep State ! NOW ! 

*(And when you do read the Constitution, read the original document and NOT that which has the Administrative State surreptitiously introduced into it. This travesty was committed by the ‘Progressive’ president, Woodrow Wilson, in 1913. He placed the Administrative State in between We the People and the Three Branches of Government, these being  the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary. He did this to grab power away from We the People and place it with the ‘Progressive’ Globalist Elite).

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