Saving Iman: The Only Surviving Sumatran Rhino🦏of Borneo!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

So, it has come to this!

Unbelievable! Today’s news says the nation’s last female Sumatran Rhino remains under heavy medication while her carers have her monitored closely for any danger!

This is what humans have done to yet another species, driving them to near extinction.

They hunt the rhino for their insane medicinal portions and kill their habitat so they can grow palm oil of all things or slash and burn the rainforests to further encroach on what is the home to numerous animal species, not forgetting the plant life destroyed.

This idiotic and moronic stupidity of all humans, those actively destroying animal and plant habitat and those of us who do nothing and keep silent while others drive the planet to extinction are to blame and it is time we imposed legislature to take strong action against these humans.

This is happening right around the world. Some are even dumb enough to still participate in trophy killings which is given the glorified term: hunting!

Hunting for animals must stop and stop now. I don’t care if it is the entire family of a certain president! They need to be taken to task and taken to task with immediate effect.

It is disgusting to see how these people display their ‘kill’ like they have won some mighty war! For goodness sakes it’s an animal with none of your arsenal of ammunition at their disposal! Only goes to show how lame and inferior these people are. They need to kill innocent animals so they can just feel good about themselves!

When the animals are gone they will start hunting the humans as they have already done in the form of WAR!

Humans who have or are supposed to have ‘superior’ Intelligence need to safeguard and secure the lives of all the rest of fauna and flora on this planet. At least this is our main purpose in being here. Now get on and get with it and do what you have been sent here to do and do it pronto!

I’m hoping and praying that Iman will live longer and that new technologies will find a way of increasing her species in some way.

I feel very sorry for her situation. I’m thankful to the Wild Life Department and its’ Director, Mr Augustine Tuuga for all the great work extended to save Iman. So too the Twitter Group – Sudan the Rhino Fans – who are concerned for Iman’s welfare

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