The American Dream & The Story of Your Enslavement

By Sumiitra Yiohan Sooriaarratchi

This animated video about the banking system in America and the world is a timely reminder to pay-off our debts to the banksters who hold us in perpetual bondage. The debt leads to people having to put-up with lousy jobs in order to service the monthly payments (what I hear my friends referring to as “monthly commitments”) – welcome to modern-day debt-slavery. Don’t forget there’s always advertising preaching day and night on the virtues of owning more and more stuff – all the “gotta haves” of life (like the google ads on this page 😉 

Don’t get me started on the Christmas season – that capitalists’ dream of over consumption and waste. On a personal level I try to live debt free and if I find my self overspending like when I bought a house or had family emergencies; I implemented a rigourous credit card debt repayment plan.

The second video about the Story of Your Enslavement narrated by Stefan Molyneux is an explanation of how human society is organized into farms where we the working people are owned and put to work like cattle by farmers (governments and business interests).

Also here are some videos by good old George Carlin taking shots at Americans and the not so new disease known as consumerism

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