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By Sharmini Jayawardena

It is nothing but what it is: dis-ease!

When you are not at ease or stressed and repeatedly so, the body reacts through a chemical imbalance creating havoc in your system.

This student took this picture to show how anxiety feels

I’m not talking of contagious diseases here. I mean debilitating diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and so on.

Today I pray and fervently so, for all disease of the mental and the physical, however, to be completely eradicated from our midst, and that too, fast. As fast as it is possible. Nothing of the nature of disease should be prolonged or taken long to be gotten rid of, forever.

Those who are already plagued with disease must be healed with all of the many technologies we now hold in our hands, hearts and minds, to do so, and that too as fast as it is possible.

The most important fact in this life is to take it easy. So, we must ease out the need for stress in every way. ‘Work’, as we know it must end and end NOW.

If there is much work to be done at a place of work, it must be done with the least invasive methods.

Watching the clock must be stopped and attention must be paid to doing work only as much as the body can pleasantly perform. Similarly, the mind. These two entities must come first. So, you must watch your mind and body and stop the clock as it were!!

Stop watching the clock and all your disease will be stopped for good.

Now, is it a wonder that a cat has nine lives???

Every place of work must have rest rooms complete with hammocks and beds 🛌, so that those who need to rest can do so.

Mainz locals relax in hammocks to help German companies set new record

Music must play as you engage in ‘Work’!

Companies will definitely observe and record a complete turn around in the absenteeism of employees. Healthcare professionals in the work place and medical insurance will be a thing of the past.

Just think how fantastic it will be to truly observe the changes taking place right before you!

The high point in all of this would of course be if you had the job of your choice and if you were able to perform it with a passion and a love for what you did!

This kind of attitude put into practice believe me will build up moral, positivity and honesty among the working populace.

We need to focus on creativity and lay claim to some hobbies for ourselves which would eventually lead to a prospective earner too, paving the way to flexi-work or a working from the home scenario.

The need to “get away from it all” will be passé.

(Even as I write this, inspired by the leukemia shave or shave for saving those suffering from leukemia, about to take place soon in Sydney, Australia, announced on my radio station, Smooth, by Cameron Daddo, there’s an advert being broadcast of the app – Smiling Mind!)

This, will not be a pleasant idea or reality for the pharmaceutical corporations to accept.

Let them hang I say! Their compatriots, BigAg have forced rotten muck as food down our gullets like for ever and when disease befalls us, they have passed the buck to BigPharma!

This playing catch with our lives must end and end NOW!

Disease must stop in the minds of everyone of us NOW.

Disease must be a thing of the past from this very nano second even as we read or speak.

I believe, with this kind of thinking we will succeed in stopping disease in its tracks!

So, bye bye disease for good!!!!

Disease ???????? I Dis You !! I Dis-Miss You!

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