On Being Scammed or Being Treated to a Virtual Smorgasbord!

By Sharmini Jayawardena


Fake news has become a common household term. Scamming from crypto currency trading to skincare products to dating sites and even online shopping abound on the net.

We are in a strange period in time where numerous developments are taking place as technology steps in and steps up in numerous areas, moving so fast that it has become difficult to figure out the real from the fake.

A thin line separates the truth from the untruth.

You can say the same about that of the real from the virtual!

The virtual has become a very real truth which has made our lives beyond interesting and made many pursuits available to the many unlike when we were depending solely on reality for example to entertain us. The world of gaming and games in the world as in golfing  ⛳apps and so on are at our fingertips.

We are a world in transition in every possible way. In this world many things can go wrong as they are still in the initial stages of development.

In this world cab companies do not own cabs or even the buildings they operate from making it easy for them to up and move locations freely. Hotel operators come with a difference in that they do not own any hotels themselves, as in Airbnb or TripAdvisor but can book you into any of thousands of holiday spaces from star class accommodation to home stays, a practice hitherto unheard of!

However this is only but the tip of the iceberg as they say. It is yet to expand into 3D printing at its highest in renting spaces that are going to be created in three dimension in bare spaces, custom built to satisfy your every need and then brought down no sooner than you vacate it! With vaca, vacate and relocate having an altogether new meaning to it!

If this is possible in the world of building living spaces, it should not be far difficult a task to do the same in the case of vehicles and possibly in the area of food.

It is only left to be seen as this marvelous yet scary world unravels before us. No doubt a most interesting and intriguing revelation none the less.

In this new yet crazy world we stumble and fall even worse still we are fatally wounded as this on-demand, least invasive world in influx, takes its course.

Problems are sadly yet not preventable. Damage control is the only recourse available like in having an Emergency Button on the cab hiring apps.

When taking part in online shopping  you can demand that you meet up to purchase instead of the item being delivered to you. Most sellers do not observe wiziwig! (What you see in the pic, not always being what you get!)

On the other hand there are very committed sellers who go that extra mile to gift wrap your packages for you!

We have been there, done that as far as globalization with its murky out-sourcing is concerned. It has been a most unpalatable and failed experience to one and all. We are fast leaving it behind as we enter a new world of exclusivity.

Then again, banks-ters have been scamming us big time each and every minute of each and ever hour of each and everyday day of each and every month of each and every year of every decade of every eon!

This hypocrisy has taken us over and we are moving on regardless as if nothing has ever happened! Banks are there to dupe us. They are imposters showing off impressive facades conveying the image of ultimate dependability, when it is anything but! Or should I say – butt! (See Unfinished Business: The American Dream and the Story of your Enslavement)

It is highway robbery going on right under the eyes of all authority and nothing at all is done about it!

(It is nothing but irony that named the net: www
As I call it: wild wild west!
They have now come up with https!)

Yet, we do nothing about it! We must resist as a mob not as individual leaders who run the risk of being shot dead by the hidden hand as we have seen happen many a time in history. Class action lawsuits are in order.

Ok. We now have PayPal, Amazon and other money transferring tech companies who could embrace all other mainstream banking “products”, (as they call services, now), as well, to give us a rounded service that can circumvent the existing system altogether!

Oh, and then there is this too – crimes committed in virtual reality, the accused of which could stand trial in a real court of law!

This is very really happening in the area of online streaming radio too for real people! I mean radio DJs committing crimes of all sorts. All virtually of course!

As they say in old hat business parlance – “Go for the Kill”! Meaning, they will not kill you in reality but you will most definitely be killed in Business!

The world is slowly but surely changing as they say, with more empowerment afforded to the many. 

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