Update: Surprise Surprise😁

By Sharmini Jayawardena
On my Update on the completed fairy dwelling of 16th December 2017 I promised y’all a surprise and – Voila-

My stone-house fairy abode (yet incomplete)
The fairy bath  is yet to be finished with a rock boundary to it. I intend completing it soon, hopefully.
As in my previous fairy dwelling, the interior of the abode is lined with glittery paper of blue, red and gold!
Snugly fitting inside the abode is a very delicate hammock of copper and a white gossamer.

The wooden roof of popsicle sticks is made up of discarded sticks brought to shape with scissor and paint. Note the little window on the side.
My signature steampunk inspired metal installation art here is that of a Christmas tree made up of glass trunk and metal nuts, bolts and washers and also the metal hook, candy cane.
The handmade picnic cloth and golf umbrella ☂ kind of portray a rainbow at the end of the pot of gold that tips spilling the gold on the stepping stone which you can see if you look carefully.
Here, a shell holds the gazing ball.
I need to make a picnic basket and a open book to complete the picture.
The little terra-cotta pot and ceramic owl are the only items that are stall bought outside of the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, Australia.
Say “Hello” to Mr Owl, swinging from atop the branch.

This entire scene of meditative inspiration is held together in an Italian made low bowl 10.24“, 26cm Ciotola Bassa in terra-cotta.
Now swoon

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