Tesla Gigafactory – We Need More Battery Factories Like This

By Sumiitra Yiohan Sooriaarratchi

Clean energy is the clear winner for the future and we are seeing the existing fossil fuel industry in its final stages of mainstream use. Although the petroleum industry won’t vanish from sight overnight the effort of companies like Tesla will bring an end to the dominance of Big Oil.

The first nail in Big Oil’s coffin is the Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A with a footprint of 1.9 million sq ft (0.2 million m2) and overall usable space of 4.9 million sq ft (0.5 million m2) this monster of a factory is a game changer for battery production. Elon Musk stated that one hundred Gigafactories would be enough to supply all the world’s energy needs.

All this is good news for humankind but is it too little too late?  Tesla alone can’t build a hundred Gigafactories; so long as Tesla and other Chinese, Japanese , Southeast Asian and European companies are able to continue building Gigafactories then there is hope that the energy business will change for the better.  Check out the article at the link below from GreenTechMedia.com that reports on ten planned Gigafactories around the world. The future is beginning to look a lot greener.

10 Battery Gigafactories Are Now in the Works. And Elon Musk May Add 4 More

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