Mercury in Retrograde – 22 March – 15 April 2018

By Sharmini Jayawardena

What it really means astronomically, is that instead of the planet🪐 Mercury moving from east to west, around the sun☀️, it will be moving from west to east during this period. The first of it’s kind for the year 2018, began on March 22, ending April 15.

Although this is a normal number of retrogrades for an year, astrologers claim it is special this year as Mercury will be moving through fire🔥 signs, Aries♈, Leo♌ and Sagittarius♐!

According to astrology, Mercury is ruled by communication, mental function and travel. The bad effects resulting from this, will be, technological breakdowns, instances of miscommunication and overall mess ups and mishaps during this time❗

So, we need to be forgiving of others’ miscalculations and misunderstandings overall, just as much as we need to be forgiven by them. A more understanding attitude is preferred, as much as it is a period for resting, relaxing and re-prioritizing.


We need to give due consideration to our love❤️ lives as we enter this period, as communication or good communication is key🔑, to unlocking problems that make our love lives work.

In this period of Mercury in retrograde in the sign of Aries, you might notice selfishness abound. The good news being that Mercury being what it is (quicksilver), it doesn’t have the power to break or destroy our relationships completely.

It comes in a fast whirlwind and stirs the atmosphere and disappears just as fast in a great big swish‼

Those born in the sign of Aries, however, needs to be extra careful in this period.

Overall, we must not act hastily, before thinking💭, and not commit to binding contracts which we may stand to regret later.

We may have to face unexpected turn ups like an ex suddenly appearing when least expected or a forgotten ‘best’ friend making a come back blaming you squarely for the break up of your relationship ‼

Now, these are best avoided. So, remain calm and carry on restfully?

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