Down With Terrorism And Gangsterism

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I’m thinking of the graffiti we pictured on the inner wall of the limestone caves of Batu Caves, Malaysia, on our recent trip there, and, “Everybody wants to rule the world…”*, plays – Smooth FM 95.3 Sydney.

This is the largest and the most important of temples dedicated to Lord Murugan,  known as God Kataragama in Sri Lanka, after the place where the temple is situated there, in the deep south of the island.

As you can see, the letters “LTTE” are carved into the wall next to a list of numbers belonging to gangsters, with which they are identified! So, you can draw your own conclusions as to the connection between the LTTE and gangsters!

This is sacrilege!

The LTTE are a banned terror organization the world over. They were mercilessly destroyed by the Government of Sri Lanka Forces in the year 2009, on 18th May!

(The Government of Sri Lanka Forces are no longer mentioned online, possibly because of the ‘Liberal’ government now governing Sri Lanka, attempting to remove all traces of the country’s recent history from being documented! But these pseudo governments need to know that our memories run deep).

Finally, Sri Lanka, and the world, saw an end to and freedom from – brutal murder, suicide bombings, blackmail, extortion, mass annihilation and numerous forms of terrorist action that were the modus operandi of this ruthless terror group!

They operated from 5th May 1976 – 18th May 2009! A long, harrowing and dreadful 33 years to be exact‼

Aren’t we ecstatic these beasts are no more❗

Yet, there is information lurking around and about to reveal they are raising their ugly and heinous heads once more in parts of the world🌍, here and there.

We must be thankful to and grateful for advanced AI technology of today that has made surveillance and reconnaissance a breeze, that helps flush out these ‘rodents’ from the holes in which they hide.

Liberal thinking, Liberal Parties, liberal politics all over the world 🌎 have been the main harbingers of these vermin called terrorists that hound the planet, making it the bitter place they want it to be.

For this reason alone, we, the right thinking people, the right feeling people, who value and honor – happiness, love, peace, harmony, and everything that is positive in this, our home, planet Earth; need to unite to eradicate and wipe out all traces of this curse, that is terrorism, NOW!

We need to and must hold these so called Liberals responsible for their errant, irresponsible and deliberate acts of disgraceful anti-human activity and actions NOW‼

We need to take these ‘Liberals’ to task without delay! We need to unite and unite NOW, to drive a point to them, that they are nothing but a bunch of hoodlums, violators and murderers of everything human, who don’t belong here.

We need to wipe them and their thinking out of sight. And we need to do it effectively and systematically NOW❣

There is no room or place for their kind of harmful and deadly thinking and action anywhere here.

They need to STOP  coming on to the streets in their hoards as they do not belong. They need to know this for a fact and buckle down to reforming and rehabilitating themselves NOW.

For, if not, they will have to be rehabilitated by the rest of us.

*Song by English pop rock band Tears for Fears.

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