On Having Watched ‘Do You Trust This Computer❓

by Sharmini Jayawardena

I just watched the YouTube vid on ‘Do You Trust This computer’ posted in Unfinished Business, of Leaf📰🍃🍂🍁

Do You Trust This Computer

The truth as I see it is, we have been developing up to AI ever since we designed our first machines. Automobiles🚗🚙🛻  and airplanes ✈ have all been a part of this holy pilgrimage or journey towards development which will not end with AI, as I see it.

AI as we know it today, is only a very cumbersome step toward where we will eventually reach, which is going to be very minute and acute software like we now see in the form of nano particles.

It will ultimately become so soft that our brain🧠 will be the ultimate AI. Meaning that things will start to happen as we think or feel!

So, all of these structures of metal that we refer to today as robots🤖, will cease to be. The biggest AI will be ‘HAL’, as it appears in Sir Arthur C Clarke’s, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’!

Not walking🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️, talking, robots, but avatars or forces that are capable of the ultimate, as in healing us of a disease and so on, or preventing us from getting the disease in the first place, like we have been referring to as ‘gods’ or ‘God’, all along!

This I believe is, in fact, the past, the present and the future and beyond! Only, we didn’t know it as we got side tracked by ‘Science’🧬🧫🧪  as we knew it ‼

What we have been studying and working on in the numerous universities about AI have only been the steps toward tinkering with toys, if you will, only to arrive at – supreme autonomy.

When we have developed our present brain to that degree, we will have no need for autonomous weapons as they do now, with the intent of destroying humanity.

Each one of us will be superior, so that we do not need to annihilate the other in order to exist.

‘Live and let live’, will finally be the all encompassing reality of this planet 🌎 and hopefully this will be the reality of all other forms of life or non life in all other universes as well!

Stars R Us⭐⭐

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