STOP This Monstrous Merger Between Bayer and Monsanto NOW!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

While the world is notably and aggressively moving towards consuming organic vegetables 🌶 🌽 🍅 , fruits🍉 🍎 🍌 and cereals, these corporate monsters are rushing to bond together, so that they make sure they can dominate the food chain through their eerie pesticides, fertilizers and monster seeds!

They want to take control of the farms, the farmers and the farming community and thereby take over our very genetics by controlling what we eat, period!

A bunch of control freaks, all for the love of the filthy lucre!

This is inadmissible! There’s no place at our table for these violators who wield the poisonous☠ arsenic at us, anymore.

This is when the world’s 🌎 🌍 🗺 consumers start to march out on the streets to put these conglomerates Down👎🏽👎🏽

We will march in our hoards, in our, Millions Against Monsanto, NOW!

This is the ground reality which the U. S. Environment Protection Agency or EPA, the Department of Justice, the Trump Administration, the EU and Mega Corporations aka BigAg and BigPharma needs to understand..

It is People Before Profit and People Power that brought them into power and it will be those same People who will bring them DOWN, if they don’t support the voice of the People‼

Just as much as your surveillance cameras are watching us, we are watching you, through our own eyes👁👀❗So, be aware and beware‼

The Obama Administration is guilty of having kowtowed to these monstrous conglomerates like forever! So much for the ‘Liberals’! Hillary Clinton lost for these atrocities as well as practicing and perpetrating other insidious behaviors, which worked against the People and worked for profit! For money!

We the People don’t care if the United States of America has no funds in their vaults or not!

The Trump Administration is no better than the one which the People helped bring down.

Working against the People will definitely bring the entire bunch of you DOWN and DOWN, NOW, FOREVER‼

We have had enough of stomaching your selfish, self-centered bowl🍲 of bullshit, you have been dangling at us over and over!

The time is ripe for We the People to take over all administrations that can’t perform. That are incompetent and impotent, and the time is NOW‼

Obviously🙄 , successive governments and administrations have proven to be useless.

We need True Democratization of the lives of each and every one of us, and we need it NOW❗

We The People have spoken and We the People mean Business! Business like you have never seen before! So brace yourselves for some real Action, this time around‼

May the Force Begin❣


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