Empty Promises, Already⁉️

By Sharmini Jayawardena

13 days into having bamboozled their way into taking up post in government, the immature minister of finance of Malaysia??, of today, says the country has a debt of 1 trilllion, People❗1 Trillion‼ No less♨

How does he proceed to solve this debt? Colossal as it may be: bringing down the Goods and Services Tax (GST), to zero percent‼

Do not forget: Their election? promise being – Abolishing the GST‼

Promises❗Promises❗Promises upon promises❗False Promises‼ Galore‼

Looks like, the only promise they have met so far is, securing a pardon from the Agon to free Anwar Ibrahim, the actual leader of the opposition, who’s party is a component in this ruling coalition.

This, the present regime was forced to effectuate as it would otherwise have created a total upheaval of events of the nasty? nature. That being, none other than total public outcry, outrage, followed by mayhem.

So, they covered their asses there.

We are still waiting for the abolishment of the GST???

Bringing it down to zero percent with a debt of 1 trillion, is not the solution the people voted for, and this is addressed to you – Minister of Finance‼

Over to you – produce that magic trick that one ☝ true solution that will turn the country around from this so called debt‼

I besiege you‼

We don’t need inane excuses over excuses.

You came in knowing you were up for a daunting task as you pointed more than accusing finger at the outgoing government of having robbed the country.

Now, where is your solution to the so called problem, the people voted for⁉

Or have you already started robbing the country of 1 trillion Ringgit⁉?????

Is this the true story? Is this what you are telling us⁉



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