If We Had A Better Education System, There Won’t Be Crime…

By Sharmini Jayawardena

…comes out of my neighbour’s mouth, blaming the outgoing government, at every turn, stating the solution to all her social ills.

But I like to ask her and those like her, this – Were not you too educated in the same system? Hence, making me arrive at the conclusion that the problem in the country indeed lies not in these people’s education system, but in these people’s sheer refusal to be educated and the gross lack there of, in themselves

They are sadly not educated but only qualified, to not see that it is the Mainstream that is to blame and not one individual or a political party!

They will soon be educated, hopefully

With the reason for the number of drug addicts in the country, the reason for everything that has gone wrong, being squarely blamed on those other than the person and persons she has voted into power! She sallies forth…

She’s not even satisfied, having brought back, a common thug, an ill-bred brat in an old man’s body bag, a disaster waiting to happen, the walking dead, to ‘govern’ the country, back again, no less.

A country that was doing so well and ridding high on that super wave of, recently, had not a bunch of demented and depraved decided to play ball⚽ with, none other than their own nation.

Who does that.

Only the uneducated for sure. It is definitely not the education provided by the country, but the inability of that education to penetrate the numb skulls, that obviously🙄, is the problem.

As the sayings go – , “You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”
“Like pouring water on a duck’s back.”

Yes, it may very well be the education system, for what can you expect from mass scale anything, anyway, Madam Confused ?♀️?♂️, One☝ Cure for All Ills, that doesn’t certainly make it the fault of the government.

Switch to home schooling, you tax evading, pseudo rich, and make way for the poor to be properly educated in the schooling system, then.

“Ask not what the country should do for you, but what you should do for the country”, said – John F Kennedy.

Anyway, rhetoric a part, all the indices in the days following the elections have given the verdict for the path this newly elected bunch will be heading.

Let us see whom they will blame then.

Who ever did anyone any good setting up a council of elders, anyway. A council of youth with youthful minds and bodies, YES☺

Who needs elders around advising us when evidence is clear that they themselves have been utter failures in all their working lives. They need to grow old gracefully and retire into some old age settlement and not pollute the air we breath.

The ultimate Machiavelli who is MM* has put foot in mouth ultimately.

*Mahathir Mohamad, PM of Malaysia.

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