The Pulpit, The Podium And The Portal‼️


By Sharmini Jayawardena

These three Ps go to make planet Earth’s propaganda machinery! Yet another P!

So this goes to prove:
p x p x p = P

Even before we are born we are molded to accept the religion to which our parents belong, and practice it the way they want us to, making the first step toward being brainwashed in one way or another.

The one keeps the other in business.

The brainwashed ‘sheep’ are then turned on to the government run by a bunch of politicians, who take you over from the churches, the mosques, the synagogues and the temples, and soften you up even further.


The news portals, calling themselves, newspapers🗞️ , radio📻 stations and TV📺 stations, all of which make up the big fat mainstream media network, take you over churning out garbage that makes you turn towards one ‘ism of the political divide or the other, among other things!

“I can’t get no satisfaction/…When I’m driving in my car, the man comes on the radio/He’s telling me more and more about some useless information/Supposed to fire my imagination…”, plays The Rolling Stones, yes, you guessed right: On the radio.

You are conveyed to the teacher in school, who speaks to you from yet another podium, calling on you to believe in what s/he is doling out to you: mostly stuff from a bygone era.

You have no chance to just sit back and make up your own mind about anything that really matters to you!

You spend a good three decades of your life adjusting yourself to suit the agenda of those who really don’t matter to you at all!

And, Liberalism is born‼️ To make a mockery of all life on this planet🌎 ‼️


People are made to be more and more confused the more the three Ps keep attacking them from every direction.

One asks – Do you meditate? The other asks – Are you happy this morning? What is your fave fruit? Blahblahblah it goes on, pumping you with their multitude of agendas‼️

All trick questions asked, to slot you into a this pigeon hole or that!

And, that’s right you are now taken over by online Social Media, on your phone📱 , on your tablet, on your laptop 💻, and your desktop🖥️!

It has all manifested itself into this vast machinery that traps you in a never ending conundrum.

Don’t forget your every move is now under surveillance and censorship by the 1%, the tech robber barons of Silicon Valley, who apart from selling your personal information to the vultures, also decide what you say and how you should say it!

If you decide to do otherwise you are shadow banned by them, denying you access to that portal or social media network with your posts deleted! Dang!

Luckily, I hear some 40 European journos or more have come forwards demanding that these social media networks pay us for all content posted on their various sites by us, making loads of money for them in the process!

And, you get to order this and that to your doorstep, through the internet, through a gazillion smartapps and startups that deliver cab hailing services, concierge services of all sorts. All services you can well do with out and had done without, up until the startups came along and made you believe you couldn’t do without them.

IMG-9524And, the Gig Economy is born! People who are employed permanently in temporary employment! For those who are employed in these areas, it is a constant effort at meeting targets and working their – – – – – off just to make that buck. They do not learn any new skills and they have no chances of bettering themselves, either! No promotions here!

Those of us who rely on this economy for its various services, turn into couch potatoes in the process and others go to the gym! Yet another fad you are made to believe you can’t do without!?

Whatever happened to the good old walk🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️?! The swim🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️ in the pool or sea, cycling🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️ to get from point A to B, which kept everyone healthy with no expense paid?!

These used to be sub cultures too, that some of us still value and indulge in, happily!

Ok, I’m not going to spoil you ‘fun’ for you. Just think about it, ok?

O, now come on, I can’t wind up without mentioning that buzz word these days – you guessed it! – FAKE NEWS!

That’s what all portals, now better known as Mainstream Media have become or come to!

Soon to be wiped out I hope!


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