And Just Like That A Fruit Cake Becomes A Rich Cake

Home cook: Sharmini Jayawardena

Part of the fruit cake I  made for Christmas was frozen and thawed for this Rich cake.

Here’s the recipe for the Christmas Cake:

A Gorgeously Delicious Fruit Cake

I did not follow a recipe on making the marzipan for this Rich Cake.  Although I did read a few of them which I will share in my next cake post. I went all solo, by trial and error and I struck upon a marzipan that tastes like the sweetest snow ever⛄️😁🥰

Here’s how I made it:
1. Soak a small amount of almonds in water for a few hours. Peel the skin off. (I started with a small amount of almonds as I was not following a recipe.)

2. Chop the almonds, add a little white sugar to it and blend it in the blender with a little water.

3. You will have a fairly thick almond paste.

4. Remove into a bowl and add natural almond essence and powdered sugar to it.

5. Mix with wooden spoon at the beginning and as it turns into dough consistency, use your hands to knead it. Do not over knead it.

6. Wrap in cling film or place in a plastic box and chill in the refrigerator.

7. Now you have your marzipan!

8. Wrap cling film on a pastry board. Place a fair amount of the marzipan on the covered board, (depending on the surface area you want to cover on your cake), and cover with cling film.

8. Apply a layer of apricot jam to the top surface of the cake. Roll out the marzipan with a rolling pin to make a not too thin layer of marzipan.

9. Remove the the top layer of cling film and gently turn the layer of marzipan on to the top of the cake. Remove cling film.

10. You can trim the edges to create a linear edge. I wanted it to look like falling snow, so I just let the edges flop over.

11. I made a cherry 🍒 with a small ball of marzipan. Dipped it in red and green mixed food colour and let the colour smear all over it. Placed it in a small box and chilled it. Made indentations on the top of the cherry with the back tip of a small paint brush and fixed a curry leaf stem to it😁

12. Make a small dent with the back of a teaspoon in the middle of the cake and place your cherry there! Absolute gorgeousness🥰

Look out for my next cake post where I will share how to create marzipan fruits and flowers😍

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