Malaysians‼️ Why Your Youth Are Going Down The Toilet

By Sharmini Jayawardena

While the Yuppies and even the middle aged urban business folks, and the average Joe or Jane of Malaysia’s urbania must think their problems have all been solved having elected a new Government into power, alas, it is far from the truth.

You urbanites have only scratched at the surface, beneath which lies a cesspit that stinks. That is the true reality facing the Country.

You have given over the reigns of government to the very man who corrupted the very Judiciary of the Country, to begin with!

Bravo! Judicial power restored after almost 30 years

Judiciary yet to recover from 1988 assault, says don

MM is responsible for having gotten rid of duly appointed members of the Judiciary, back when he was in power for 22 years, thereby corrupting the very backbone and life blood of the Country. Having criminally removed these judges, he installed in their place, his own cronies, which in effect started the downward slide of justice and fair play in Malaysia! Not forgetting the disappearance of the Rule of Law!

This hypocrite and high handed thug was brought back into power come 9th May 2018, by a bamboozled electorate, who gullibly believed his and his coalition’s demonizing of the former PM Najib Tun Razak.

The yuppies were not adequately informed either, about the recent past history of their Country, by their ‘dementia stricken’ older generation. Neither did they inform themselves of important facts pertaining to their Country and thereby denied themselves of crucial fundamental knowledge, before sallying forth to vote to decide the future for everyone!

In electing the present head of State, the very ignorant urbanites have lost the trees for the woods! (Literally too, as your City Council or the Bandaraya, is engaged in a blanket cutting down of all trees in the Capital City of your Country – Kuala Lumpur! Only three persons have protested by letter! Just one Taman in Wangsa Maju had protested en mass and prevented the cutting down of a tree. Hats off to them! The rest of you know nothing as usual! This problem will be dealt with in another post.)

MM showed his true corrupt colours once again, when just as soon as he took office, this May of 2018, he got rid of the duly appointed Attorney General to be replaced by another of his cronies, this time with the cahoots of his gullible electorate!

So, not only have the electorate ignored the fact that this MM was and is the cause for all the crime that exist now, which has been going on for years, unabated, in the Country, but they have given the Country over on a platter to the behemoth of Crime! For he is the very personification of Crime!!

You must know that once a Country’s Judiciary is tampered with, Law Enforcement falls apart and in it’s place comes – deliberate slow-down, inaction, inertia, turning a blind eye, along of course, with thuggery, unjustifiable arrests, unjustifiable incarcerations, incarceration of the innocent under absolutely unacceptable conditions and a plethora of other problems that arise from this situation.

People, both men and women, young and old, are held in absolute squalid conditions inside dungeons in places like Bukit Jalil and Jalan Duta Immigration Branch, not for crime, but for immigration violations like over-staying! Why are these people not deported is the million dollar question?!

I demand that all persons held in custody by the Department of Immigration be immediately deported back to their respective countries! NOW!

In other words MM, in league with his government and his electorate have destroyed the very moral and social fabric of this Country!

Yes, you are held responsible!

MM, being an elder statesman, a father and a grandfather, himself, is a bad example. With your collusion and complicity, he has given rise to certain very visible and obvious criminal strains emerging among the youth of the fringe of Malaysia.

Yes, I’m talking about the very crimes committed so far, where mostly the weaker in the community have been targeted –
1. The countless women who have had their bags snatched.
2. The foreign workers who are subjected to (not so petty) thefts like their phones being snatched and so on.

All of you women victims who are in the numbers know what I am talking about –

1. You lose all your important items in your hand bags to a snatch thief who mugs you at a parking lot or a quiet street or even at your very doorstep.
2. You are crippled with emotion! You manage to pacify yourself most of the time with very little support from your male counterparts.
3. Some of you take the trouble to drag yourselves to the Police Stations to make an official complaint.

End of story!

Nothing is done about all your many many losses! You don’t see the colour of what you have lost, ever. In the very rare cases the culprit will mail you any documents of identification you have lost. No Arrests! No Prosecutions! No Punishments!

These heinous crimes have been going on, not today, not yesterday. It has been rampantly going on since the 1980s. I remember women saying, these are Chinese women, mind you, that their gold chains were grabbed off of them at the very entrances to their homes, by well equipped muggers!

This tragic state of affairs started back then in the MM era of 22 years of absolute lawlessness that prevailed in the Country.

He alone ruled like a dictator despot thug. The rest of us had to bear the brunt of it.

By then, the Director of Commercial Crimes Investigations Department, Ramli Yusuff, was side stepped.

These are transgresses that leave a lasting impact on the social and moral fabric, corrupting the Police force who care two hoots for a corrupt Judiciary making a dent in the impressionable youth of the Country.

I’m talking about the dissatisfied Malay youth who live on the fringe of which unfortunately there are many!

Of the Chinese youth I will say this much – they will watch the Malay youth mug and fight others, especially the unprotected foreign youth in the work force today, and cheer and urge them on to do the wrong thing while also not lifting a finger to save the foreign worker from being criminally victimized!

These are the Chinese youth brought up mostly in Chinese institutes of education. Shame on you. Even until today you have failed to give true leadership to your community and least of all to your youth. Not all of your Chinese education, which this Country alone affords the diaspora, has been of any good to your community. The DAP being hardly a party to turn to for genuine leadership!

Watch this video on how Chinese youth, unable to contain their rabid addiction to loan mongering, forsake their parents and families, into the hands of ruthless loan sharks!

What is going on in this community? What is the reason for their absolute callousness and lack of humanity?

The Indian youth are being used and abused by the Chinese and Indian gang leaders! That’s the true reality of the Malaysian Indian youth living on the fringe.

The foreign worker reports to the Police, bring the offenders to the attention of the security of the premises, but nothing absolutely zilch, ensues, making this Country a dangerous zone, a danger zone for foreign workers and foreign students.

Foreign workers and students take heed – Malaysia is not a place for you to be. Go to Singapore or anywhere where the Rule of Law prevails. Do not come here.

This is because while you fall victim on the streets to frustrated, un-cared for youth, who feel you are depriving them of jobs that they can have, you are also falling victim to a dangerous mafia syndicate that is going on with spurious educational institutions in cahoots with The Immigration Department of Malaysia and the Police Department of Malaysia!

Now, the Director General of Immigration of Malaysia and the Inspector General of Police will willingly accept that there are some officers who are involved in these crimes!

That is totally completely and absolutely unacceptable!

What are you doing occupying places of position where you can make a change, being paid for by tax payer funds? What are you doing not eliminating any of the corrupt elements in your respective departments?!

I like to have a written reply as to why this terrible inaction on your part goes on unabated?!

Are you also personally involved in these criminal activity?

To the Inspector General of Police – how many muggers or snatch thieves has your Department brought to book to date, starting 1980s?! And, who are they?

The Director General of Immigration, how many of your officers in your Department have you found accepting bribes from foreign workers and students, so far, starting – the date on which the first modern day mass worker force and student influx entered Malaysia? And, who are they?

Who gave the right to educational institutions to hold on to passports belonging to students?

I demand immediate release of all passports of students back to the owners of these passports! Now!

The Minister of Education – who gave the authority for spurious education institutions to be set up in the Country? How many of them exist as of now? And, what are their names?

I await answers to these questions!

The Public had better know what they have got themselves into, electing into office, a rogue and his rogue elements, once again, for the second time running, only to destroy your own freedoms with absolutely no recourse to justice whatsoever, whenever and however many times you fall victim to a Judiciary and Law Enforcement that act as mafia syndicates that operate to your very detriment.

Also make note – once the foreign workers and students are gone – you guys – the Malaysians will be next in line to be targeted by the criminal youth elements that hang around places they are denied access by operational hours. Who dare to defy the law (as it does not exist) to subject you to thuggery while you wait for your vehicle at Zouk or TREC or even while taking a walk in the park adjacent to KLCC!

The Police will not help you even though they are posted there. The Security of neither Zouk nor KLCC will help you!

Scrap the minimum wage political gambit and employ your own youth, Malaysia!



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