By President Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

Updated Meme on June 16, 2023:

In the Spotlight

To: The Facebook Group – Millions Against Monsanto*

Dear fellow patriots, #wethepeople,

The following are the goals to be achieved in order that America be saved from all modern bondage.

1. Clean up the whole of America of all extremist Islamic, and all other forms of extremist imported faiths to the Country! Now!

2. Clean up America of all MS13 and all other terrorist and criminal persons and organizations including the DNC, if they do not abandon their ties to the various Soros funded NGOs, foundations and ANTIFA! Now!

3. Clean up the skies of America of all chemicals purposely spread by the NWO cahoots as part of their Globalist agenda to pollute the American skies with an aim to polluting America itself! Now!

4. Strip the rights of all persons and organizations involved in eliminating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of America! Now! As by their very actions they disconnect from belonging to the Constitutional Republic! They are all to be treated as alien invader illegals and treated as such! Now!

5. Eliminate, all persons and organizations involved in introducing rule of man against The Rule Of Law! Now!
(Eliminate as in, arresting those guilty of the above mentioned treasonous offenses and making all such organizations defunct with immediate effect!).


7. Decide the relevant course of action necessary to achieve the above mentioned goals as a matter of paramount importance! Now!

Please include any more relevant goals or delete any of the above that do not apply and make relevant changes.

Thank you.

Yours in Liberty ๐Ÿ—ฝ
Sharmini Jayawardena

*I picked Millions Against Monsanto to carry out my plan, titled: I Have A Plan, after having been failed by many others, including the Evangelical Christians and a group which called themselves supporters of President Trump, sadly. The expected level of commitment to the Cause is such that it demanded a measure of devotion only few could muster!

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