The Malady Of The Socialist Voter

By Sharmini Jayawardena

The DEMTARDS or democrats of America and the PH voters of Malaysia both suffer from what is known in psychology as the Stockholm Syndrome or Codependency!

You can call it what ever you like – living in denial, inability to face reality. I call it the above.

Those who suffer from this malady constantly find excuses for those who have wronged them, or who since once having been their friend, has now become their enemy. Yet, these miserable voters are unwilling to identify the enemy as such! They find excuses for them.

It has been like a 💯✖️💯 days since the present government of Malaysia took office, on 9th May 2018. Their Election Manifesto promised to change, ‘for the better’, many prevailing conditions, which they said were unsuitable, within 100 days,  (as if they were not better as they existed, i.e.), with not a single case in point, met‼️

Well, the scrapping of the Goods and Services Tax which they promised to do altogether, did not happen! They got rid of the prevailing tax, only to introduce a new tax of SST (Sales and Services Tax). The whole exercise was geared at reducing prices of goods and services. But, it only resulted in the prices hiking twice over!

Not a single of their promises to the electorate have they met to date‼️‼️

Yet, these voters keep coming up with excuses for these third rate scumbags who call themselves politicians, who have cheated the people who elected them left and right for decades.

The same goes for the American Socialists who are what I call the DEMTARDS and those who support the career Democrats!

Their politicians have been promising them benefits as said to be accruing from Socialism, but, nothing about these politicians in Washington DC is Socialist! They live the high life in mansions adjacent to the very poverty stricken voter population they represent.

The voters see the heinous criminal and traitorous acts they commit as a routine on a daily basis, yet, are unable to call them out for who they actually are – traitorous criminals who are masters at hypocrisy and manipulation‼️‼️

These politicians and their electorate instead, indulge in finding excuses for each other and carry on a charade of demonizing, that continues to demonize the Presidency. This, to the utter detriment of the Country as a whole and those who opposed them at the election and won. The socialist politicians have proven without a doubt that they are both inept and down right crooked in all of their dealings!

It is time the DEMTARDS took a que from the Yellow Vests of Europe who have finally mustered the courage to move towards overthrowing their, you guessed it right, Socialist governments!

But, is the Yellow Vest Movement the answer to and the required remedy for this malady of gross deception?

The YVM started Saturday 17th November 2018. But, until today Emmanuel Macron of France and Angela Merkel of Germany are still at large! Still walking this planet with impunity!

Worse still, Macron has now unleashed the UN forces to beat up, shoot at and destroy the YV activists🤮👎🏽💩🖕🏽💀☠️‼️ TOTAL COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR ON THE PART OF MACRON‼️‼️ STEP DOWN‼️ YOU MEGALOMANIAC‼️ STEP DOWN‼️ NOW‼️

Meme courtesy Don Mashak @DMashak via Twitter

They call themselves politicians, but are actually walking talking criminals who must be behind bars for all of their many atrocities committed against the very people who voted them into office!

How or when are We The People of this planet going to break free from these slave driving behemoths of criminality⁉️

They came into existence and remain in existence with the help of the following: they are kept alive by the Lame Stream FakeAssNews media and the Lame Ass Social Media Networks; and are the creations of The Deep State comprising cult organizations like The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), headed by the Rothschilds and carried on by Rockefeller and others, to further their New World Order* (NWO) Agenda. They are aided and abetted by a sections of the Illuminati and the Free Masons. These socialist globalist politicians are primarily brought into existence by the utterly brainwashed and washed out, inane DEMTARD Socialist Voter‼️

Memes courtesy Don Mashak @DMashak via Twitter

It is time that We The People became savvy and able, to deal with the likes of  D-EVIL😈👿👹👺!

D-EVIL that has of now, hijacked the very Convention of States from WETHEPEOPLE with a run away COS to change The Constitution itself, to benefit their own NWO Agenda‼️

WE THE PEOPLE MUST now resort to adopt and rally round The Modern Second Declaration of Causes as authored by Don T. Mashak @DMashak via Twitter. It can be found here 👆

Please do read and absorb every word‼️ Every word is True and Correct and actionable by WETHEPEOPLE‼️

The first step is to identify the culprits as mentioned above, as the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE‼️

Having done so, We The People must realize and understand that traditional methods of protesting and objecting against the existing status quo is not bearing any results!

So, what must We The People do next?

If We The People unite, the problem is solved! The problem is We The People are willing to be divided against each other on numerous spurious divisions created by the very ENEMY on the lines of Race, Party Politics, Religion, Gender, Color, and a plethora of other divisions‼️ Which is exactly what the Tyrant Socialist Darwinist ‘Progressive’ Globalist Elite want!

The divide and conquer methods of the globalist elitist tyrant class MUST be brought to an end‼️ NOW‼️

You can call it what you like. The bottom line is that We The People stand to suffer from all of the actions and inactions of irresponsible politicians harboring criminal intent. The politicians and the NWO cahorts are the only gainers in this game!

This is why We The People must stand strong together. We The People MUST REFUSE to be DIVIDED‼️NOW‼️

It is as simple and as complex as that‼️

May be this👇🏽 would give you the desired inspiration to get on with the action plan required to call your assailants for who they truly are 👉🏽Down right traitorous criminals on about over a million counts! And, withdraw their consent to be governed by them‼️

We The People must ACT‼️ NOW‼️ COME TOGETHER‼️ RIGHT NOW‼️ Bring down the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE‼️ NOW‼️

 Meme courtesy Ann Kennedy @Ann Kennedy via COMVO

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