Art Page For A Journal


By Sharmini Jayawardena

I made this art page by first cutting out a design on half a potato. So, this in effect is originally a potato 🥔 print in black on white tissue paper.

I let it dry. Then, I turned it right side down, and pasted it on brown paper from a brown paper bag that bread was wrapped in.

1. Cut a potato in half and cut out a design like so 👇🏽 on the flat side of one half.

2. Iron out the brown paper and tissue paper. Cut it to desired size.

3. Mix desired color in the palette with water 💧 to a not so runny consistency. Pick up a small round brush and color the tops of the design with the rounded brush.

4. Now, print away on the tissue paper as desired. I wanted to create a Batik effect. Batik is the Malaysian art of printing on cloth using wax and dyes,

5. Let it dry completely.

6. Mix any mat medium glue with water in the palette. Apply the mixture with a 1 1/2” to 2” brush, on the brown paper so that you cover the entire area.

7. Place the tissue paper right side or printed side facing down, on the brown paper.

Tip: Paste any paper to any other paper surface area by applying the glue to the paper you intend to paste on. Start by laying the paper you are pasting from the left side. This will ensure a minimum of wrinkles and air bubbles which are the bane of the crafter. However, a few wrinkles do add to the texture. So, you don’t have to remove every wrinkle.

8. Now, pick up a few small brushes and splash a few sprinkles of colored acrylic mixed with water or liquid acrylics on to the pasted surface area. I used a mix of blue, black and white and a magenta.

9. Take more mat medium on the thick brush and apply at random so the color gets blended.

10. Use a rag to wipe out the excess paint and mat medium in light left to right wipes.

11. Continue this until desired effect is achieved. Leave to dry completely.

12. Your paper for making journal mats, cards, tags 🏷 and mini tags is ready. You can add embellishments to them. Have fun with it.

A Boy’s Junk Journal

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