The CoronaVirus, Or The COVID-19 And Its Ramifications

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Let me first start by putting to rest certain conspiracy realities that have been doing it’s rounds since the outbreak 😷 of the

Sources suggested or even pointed a finger at China having introduced the virus 🦠 having created it in their biological weapons laboratory or facility in Wuhan, China, since this is where it is supposed to have raised its ugly head from.

That being said, the whole finger pointing has now made a complete turn around and some are even suggesting, on social media, of course, that President Trump has used this dreadful pandemic situation to exert dictatorial powers on the masses!

These are both possible realities. But, very short sighted ones, I’m afraid.

Take a look at it this way –

China, in a bid to acquire more territory for itself, and as it has been spending billions in policing the South China Sea for many years now, decided to end this troubling situation by unleashing a virus on the populations of adjacent countries, which are the South East Asian nations.

They, in the mean while had also galvanized the commie political parties in the region to stand and deliver, one in particular, when it came to their own country, that being Malaysia.

These tactics were put in place as far back as at least three years ago. The longest standing coalition government in the world, albeit a very successful one. in Malaysia, was brought down by the spread of false propaganda or fake news, when an opposition coalition won in the General Election and was brought into power. This was a socialist, red centric government.

The Pakatan Harapan Government or the PH Government came into power on 9th May 2018.

This site predicted its fast disappearance in posts as early as just five days into this mushroom government’s emergence!

Here they are:

The communist based Chinese centric parties of this new coalition were possibly detailed to turn the Country around and become top guns of the Administration. They failed grossly, to deliver! The Government fell on 24th February 2020.

The Chinese from the mainland had lost its gambit to march through South East Asia which comprises, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines and Brunei.

The need to acquire territory is a very real one as China establishes a road network of the ancient Silk Route, the Belt and Road Initiative! It is determined to hold the reigns to this great development in trade and connectivity by land.

So, now the virus has got out of hand, broken all barriers and become airborne!

COVID-19 has shown the entire planet one ☝🏽 thing! That being ➡️ The CoronaVirus is the ultimate dictator! It has brought down the hitherto established Chinese hegemony around the planet! It has brought down the rectitude and strength of all mainstream armies, weapons and terrorist group alike. The CoronaVirus has shown the world that it is by far the ultimate dictator, the Big Brother if you will. Indeed, it is the great equalizer.

The COVID-19 has absolutely no fear nor favour! It is a respecter of none!

Not political leaderships, nor financial strength in currencies, nor social hierarchies, will be spared by COVID-19!

The CoronaVirus is here, and, it is here to stay, until humanity steps back and decided to take a close look at its’ self, and decides to change its bad habits.

The bad habits of the people that the virus chooses to eliminate are:

🔸 STOP ✋🏽 🛑 the consumption and trade in exotic wild animals ‼️ NOW ‼️

🔸 STOP ✋🏽 🛑 the incessant need to travel, calling it tourism ‼️ NOW ‼️
Demand that those people you have voted into high office gives you true development and not making money off of tourism which gives you absolutely no skills. Tourism only brings multitudes of masses who stomp your countries and stomps them in the worst possible way ‼️

🔸 Consumerism and over consumption in every way, and all of its ramifications!

🔸 The need for humanity to tone down the unnecessary gathering in hoards. Stay in your own spaces even if it means isolation. I will tell you later, why isolation is actually a happy 😊 place to be.

🔸 The need to go back to basics by embracing technology. Technology, that has been given to us in all of its amazing forms for us to use, indulge in, and enjoy.
Try to understand that the virtual world is a wonderful place. ( Updated to read – Not Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, for sure)!!!

🔸 Take to HOBBIES!
Pinterest is brimming full of everything you ever want to do and it’s just waiting to be explored and exploited.
Download the App, NOW!
Write, paint 🎨, do gardening, enjoy indoor picnics, take up a sport, cook 👩‍🍳 👨‍🍳 , bake, make music 🎶 🎼 🎵, make videos, play board games ♟ and video games 🎮, the list goes on.

🔸 The absolute necessity of observing cleanliness in every area of our lives, and, the paramount importance of maintaining personal hygiene!
In fact, one symptom of mental illness is the lack of personal hygiene! So, does the grave lack thereof that we see around us mean that the greater number of us need to be mentally overhauled?

Life as we know it is about to change by a 180 degrees, sit back, chill out, indulge in, and embrace the moment.

Everything short of what we’ve watched on sci-fi movies 🍿🎥 will come to pass. Meaning, you won’t find people walking around town with glass domes on their heads 😊! Ah, but who knows 🥴

Give Nature or God the time and space needed to make the great 👍🏽 change happen! Observe, take part in, and embrace!

Shared from #DiamondAndSilk ♦️💎💍🎀

Paul Joseph Watson’s video on the CoronaVirus.

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Stay In. Stay Safe.

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