Time to Over Turn this System on Its Very Head!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Yes! On its very head! I say!

Ok, as some of us like to call it in these Corona times, we are being brought face to face with one thing and that one thing is that we can’t do anything in this world without good health! Good health is paramount for the the least and the best functionality of this world!

Ok. That being granted, how many of us have, up until now, since 18th March 2020, when the lock down was placed on many of us, started to think that we need to and indeed we MUST treat health as our first and top priority?

Your health starts with you, People! Not with doctors who know nothing of your own body and mind, certainly not the FDA, the WHO, or that most insidious of culprits 👉🏽BigPharma together with BigAg!

Now, you may wonder 🤔 how did BigPharma get lumped together with BigAg? Well, physically it did when the Bayer pharmaceutical company, which btw, has an extremely ugly past in the area of producing chemical concoctions to destroy the human being starting with its chemicals that killed six million Jews in their acid baths and numerous ways in Nazi Germany in WWII. Three years ago, Bayer bought into Monsanto Corporation in a bid to own not only the entire food chain, but your life chain and what they would do with you once their ugly Franken-foods and weed killer Glyphosate had given you incurable diseases like cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and such debilitating diseases!

These two giant corporations along with other such corporations, you name it you have it 👉🏽 Syngenta, Cargill, Pfizer, Merck and so on, are on the scene, making millions of humans into vegetables unable to handle the simplest of issues facing them. So, who was behind all of these corporations since inception 👉🏽 The United States Congress with its RINOs and DINOs, since the beginning of time, in cahoots with the purveyors of Globalization! The Socialist Globalists, descending from the Bilderburg Group to the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, and now to George Soros, who are the Council on Foreign Relations!

Is he still alive in NYC? Is he hiding in his basement from the CoronaVirus he helped create?

So, this is how WeThePeople of America and this planet became fodder for the bought for and sold members of the American Congress, by the Globalists!

Today, the CoronaVirus or COVID-19, has made them face the true reality with lock downs and quarantines. The reality that none of these so called big guns never saw coming ➡️ and that is, of Nature itself teaching them and all of us, a lesson.

The lesson being that, you humans have taken life and nature for granted! You have effectively destroyed the only sphere Nature created to thwart invasions by viruses 🦠which are btw, very real adversaries, a nano particle in effect, but more humongous than an elephant, let’s say, in the devastation it causes to prevail! We have all been compelled to size it up. We have all, from the top Globalist to the homeless man on the street, been forced to face up to the reality of the nano particle that is the CoronaVirus!

The sphere created by none other than Nature to stop these nano particles from invading the human being, which is the animal!

The humans have all gone berserk thinking all of these creations of Nature were created for the benefit of man! Yes! No doubt for the benefit and none other than for the benefit of man!


The day man started devouring exotic wild animals and having domesticated animals grown in concentrated animal farming operations or CAFOs for human consumption, was the day man placed a sell by date on human life!


So, human life, effectively got an expiry date by the active and decisive participation of humans and humans alone!

Now that we have put a cap on the animal sphere which were created to phase off the viruses, we are left to turn around and create a sphere by ourselves alone, to attract the viruses away from humans, if the species were to survive.

We created AI. There is no doubt humans, especially those in the biotechnology field, can and will create this bio sphere to direct the viruses effectively away from making the human their host to making this sphere their host for their survival!

The times when we were forced to fight viruses and bacteria by pills prescribed to us an antibiotics, by doctors, or physicians, is already ended. It is a proven reality now.

The medical profession is at a complete loss as to how to beat this virus.

Their unholy practice of diverting bacteria and viruses into humans and then destroying them in the human being, are over and done with.

Us humans aren’t going anywhere. As per your instructions, as per the CoronaVirus’s demand placed upon you, us humans are following the CoronaVirus guidelines hopefully to the very letter.

We are not meeting with accidents, we are not eating stupid food at restaurants, we are not contracting diseases kept warmed for us on airline trips, we are not even jogging or going to the park for recreation. We are finally in the safe portals of our homes and we are going to stay here, until you 👉🏽 these so called Agencies of ‘God’ 👉🏽 The FDA, the DOJ, the FR, the FBI, the CIA, the CDC and so on and so forth, the UN, the WHO, do us the job they were put there to do in the first place. And, i.e. to clean up 🧹 🧼 🧽 every area of life as we know it, while we remain clean in every way, following the guidelines as per the CoronaVirus!


I hope 🤞🏽 and pray 🙏🏽 that all of us who paid the price by falling sick, by falling ill, by falling prey to these behemoths will from now on be rid of all of their pain and illnesses.


Now that Globalization has ended, let us see a true reversal of things like repatriating all of those who were displaced by mass migration, returning all foreign workers back to where they came from, replacing every wild animal that ever lived, and putting to right a plethora of other social and physical ills that were created in the effort put into globalizing the planet!

The animals were put out there in their hoards were out there for a very good reason. And that is, as a buffer to absorb these nano particles.


Let us see all humans Making each of their Countries Great Again!

Here are some very dark realities and true stories about our loathsome past which some of us are unaware of! The irksome and hateful past some of us want to return to!
We need to leave the gory past behind, badly!





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