Justice for Lee Keltner and John Tiegen ! NOW !!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I am truly saddened by what has happened to two veterans who found themselves in the same overpowering situation, one shot dead by a so called “peaceful protester”, and the other shut down, from his social media accounts‼️‼️

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The victim’s family in the first case, has identified the victim as Lee Keltner, a military veteran and grandfather. The family is yet to find redress as the case hangs in the balance with the perpetrator‘s political leanings not yet being identified!

It really doesn’t matter if the shooter was pro Antifa or not‼️ The police found him and they know who he is‼️ He is, Matthew Dolloff and he must be charged with having shot and murdered Lee Keltner‼️‼️

“The victim, Lee Keltner, was shot [dead], by a man working as a security guard for a local news channel, [9News], after Keltner sprayed the man with Mace in response to the man pointing a gun at him”.

WeThePeople demand that Joe Montoya, the Division Chief of the Denver Police Department, in charge of the investigation, do everything in his power to bring the alleged murderer to justice‼️

Meanwhile the alleged murderer is at large posing a grave danger to the public‼️

In a related case 👉🏽Former Marine Corps Sergeant John Tiegen finds his Facebook and Facebook owned Instagram accounts being shut down, in the heels of the Lee Keltner shooting‼️

The connection here is that former Marine, John Tiegen, a survivor of the September 11, 2012 Benghazi, Libya, attack, against U. S. diplomatic facilities, organized the pro police Patriot Rally, “Patriot Muster”, which coincided with a Black Lives Matter protest in Denver‼️

So now we clearly see the pattern in which the Liberal Democrats operate‼️ The MODUS OPERANDI of the Liberal Democrats have been EXPOSED, HERE‼️

The social media networks found out the connection and acted as such in Tiegen’s case, cited. This I believe, is the connection to these two tragic events that transpired one after the other‼️

However, connecting the dots is not the end of the matter‼️ The Denver Police Department MUST charge Matthew Dolloff with murder in the first degree and bring him to book‼️

As for Facebook and Instagram, their days on this planet for the owners and their minions alike, are frightfully numbered‼️ The day when some good Republicans take ownership of these Companies, is not too far in the distance‼️

WeThePeople Demand Justice is the case of John Tiegen. The Internet does not belong to and is not the sole property of, social media networks‼️ The Internet belongs to the People ‼️ Facebook and Instagram owe it to the People to address this case in point diligently, and rectify it, immediately‼️

STOP 🛑 this arbitrary shutting down, banning, deleting and canceling of WeThePeople on these and other social media platforms‼️ NOW‼️

“Other than notifying Tiegen that he has somehow violated the platform’s ‘Community Standards’, Facebook did not explain why it disabled his account.”

Tiegen’s appeal to Facebook regarding the suspension has gone unattended and unaddressed, except to say 👉🏽“This decision can’t be reversed”‼️‼️‼️

Read all about it.

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