All Hands On Deck To Georgia – Brandon Straka

By President-Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

🔴Update on 3rd February 2022: Just before the Georgia runoff in January 4th and 5th, I identified this traitor infiltrator @Olivinephoenix on Parler!!! I was just in time before she could go on a fear mongering rampage among the women patriots! I managed to stop her just in time and that I consider one of my greatest achievements, identifying and calling out garbage infiltrators to date. So it is true that Antifa had infiltrated the Proud Boys way before January 6th 2021!!! I however couldn’t warn the Proud Boys coz it had slipped my mind that this bitch was introduced to us by the Proud Boys with all the mayhem that was going on with trying to #StopTheSteal!!!! It is beyond saddening that the Proud Boys and patriots from other patriotic groups are now languishing in D. C. dungeons. I am on to this as well and we will definitely get the Patriots out somehow!

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