DISSECTED: What Is Radically Wrong With The Degenerate Liberal Democrats/RINOs of America!!

By President Elect Sharmini Jayawardena

UPDATED on 4th October 2023: https://slaynews.com/news/fbi-issues-warning-about-satanist-pedophile-cult-that-is-extorting-children-online/

I’m listening to the Charlie Kirk podcast on The Epidemic of Cowardice in Christianity Inc.

Check it out below ⬇️


And just minutes before I got taking a listen to the Charlie Kirk Show, which was very upbeat and exciting, I had categorically dissected and bisected the ethos or the composition, if you will, of the Democrat Left leaning Liberal entity in American politics or political arena!

Let me say this first, churches and all have been corrupted by the filthy lucre! That’s from where all the chaos stems.

And, Yes, John Roberts is a PEDOPHILE‼️‼️‼️

Voter laundering, Granny farming and Voter harvesting are all terms that have come up in this presidential election alone! This is absolutely crazy and unnerving that such concepts are even real and true! But, it is happening and it is a very real and a true problem facing us today. Though it has gone on for decades, now we find‼️

The Democrat/RINO Ruling Class of Elites are governing the “masses” by tyranny the likes of which we’ve never before seen in recent times‼️‼️ This kind of tyranny existed in the South during the height of the Slave Trade, the perpetrators of which were none other than the ancestors of present day Democrats themselves‼️ This kind of tyranny was imposed on the “masses” in Hitler’s Fascist Nazi Germany ‼️‼️

That being said, the above quote by Trump Campaign Attorney L. Lin Wood, got me thinking and wanting to state what had me thinking for a while before, about how these Liberal Democrats came to think and act in this disgusting and degenerate way they do 🤔

The way in which they take pleasure in seeing other people suffer‼️‼️ This is sexual degeneracy at its worst‼️‼️

To put it mildly, us Trump Supporting Conservative Patriots must come to terms with the fact behind liberal thinking.

The fact is that in every way that these liberals are dictatorial, totalitarian and tyrannical, it shows the moral compass from where they operate.

The liberal moral compass is bankrupt, to put it bluntly! This is something WeThe People being the good American citizens they are, may have felt but never wanted to believe and face up to. Face up to the fact that a section of the American citizenry may very likely be morally bankrupt ‼️

The manner in which these Democrats operate and function increasingly make them come across as being A-moral and unethical in every single thought they possess and act they perform‼️ This intrinsic nature in them makes them lapse in to cognitive dissonance. There is no turning back from where they have gotten to. This WeThePeople must understand very well. I think there is no hope for these degenerates, and sadly so‼️

These degenerates have lapsed in to what is known in the circles of psychology and psychiatry as those who forcibly perform and practice BDSM or the bizarre idea involving Bondage-Discipline-Dominance-Submission and Sadomasochism on others by force ‼️‼️‼️

BDSM is only acceptable if it is mutually agreed upon and accepted‼️ Period‼️ It is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE WHEN INFLICTED UPON BY FORCE OF ANY SORT‼️‼️ Especially NOT when it is inflicted upon others in order to control them and dominate over them, politically‼️

What I’m saying is, there’s something morally radically and psychologically wrong when the sexual degeneracy of one person or a group of persons is forced upon another or a group of persons. This is where we draw the line!

In the same manner in which the Democrats force their orders upon the People, they also force their sexual degeneracy upon us and that is SICK‼️ Period‼️

It is not at all acceptable that one entity forces his/her or their sexual preference or any other preference down people’s throats‼️

Let’s face it, prima facie, these people are very blatantly overt and expressive about their “sexual preference“. They are very expressive on topics or areas that they do no need to be openly expressive about and do not need to discuss in public ‼️ A case in point being their obsession with Transgenderism along with all of its multitude of problems and their ridiculous LGB..TQ..RS gender manipulation across the board, forced down everybody’s throats‼️ At the same time, they are covert, in their active participation in pedophelia which deeply hurts, is badly damaging to and destroy our children and our future generations to say the least‼️

The practice of pedophelia is totally unacceptable not only to Trump Supporting Conservative Patriots, but all right thinking sensible People across the board‼️ Period‼️ It is totally unacceptable to Trump Supporting Conservative Patriot parents and families. Period.

The liberal mindset is shared only by Liberal Democrats and RINO politicians who pretend to be real Republicans but are NOT‼️ They are those who are Republican In Name Only and are the most dangerous snakes in the Deep State Swamp‼️ Both these Deep State cohorts are guilty of having indulged in and committed Adrenochrome harvesting from our children‼️ #pizzagate and #cometpingpong come to mind‼️

These dangerous criminals pathetically believe in what they call, Gender/ Age fluidity ‼️‼️‼️

What is Gender/ Age Fluidity⁉️⁉️⁉️ Yet another fabricated ‘word’ of the Democrat-copia or lexicography if you will ‼️ Just like their fabrication of ‘racist’, ‘islamaphobia’, ‘misogynist’ and on and on it goes‼️ They have blatantly hijacked our very language‼️ If you bother to trace the origin of these ‘words‘ it may lead you to a gang of insane feminists who thought they had the last word on everything and anything‼️‼️ I’m happy to see ‘feminism’ being pushed to the back burner these days, in the presence of demons which are far worse though‼️

‘Gender/ Age Fluidity’ means an eighty year old man/woman can involve him or herself in sexual misconduct with a minor, even as young as an eight year or even a three year old child, if the man or woman feel he’s the same age as that of the child ‼️‼️‼️ The child can be of a different or same gender as the man or woman. This is so they can conveniently bypass the Laws against Pedophilia ‼️ Do they even know WTH they are doing to humanity ?!

What kind of absolute blaspheme is this⁉️‼️

This is hideous BULLSHIT‼️‼️‼️

#AdrenochromeHarvestingIsReal and many other Adrenochrome related hashtags such as, #adrenochrome and #bidenisapedophile were completely banned by Fakebook aka Fuckbook aka FASCISTBOOK aka Facebook which is owned by ZUCKERBUGGER, himself a confirmed Deep State pedophile swamp thing!!

For those who are in the dark about Adrenochrome harvesting, in plain words, it is done by putting children through deep, disturbing and extremely scary anxiety which creates the Adrenochrome in the children’s pineal gland, which is then harvested at this point through this disgusting process‼️‼️ I’m not sure how they actually harvest the Adrenochrome‼️ It is illegal, unethical, immoral and downright disgusting and unacceptable ‼️‼️


For those who are in the dark, Adrenochrome is treasured by maniacs who believe the ingestion of which gives them longevity and youthful looks‼️‼️‼️ (If these freakingly disgusting Liberals only stopped being filled with so much hatred, they would simply look younger by that alone‼️‼️). What absolutely disgusting f****** demons are these‼️‼️‼️

These depraved criminals take pleasure in inflicting pain on others, especially on the most vulnerable in a given community, the children‼️‼️‼️


Who in their right mind will make the killing of babies born live, acceptable by law⁉️⁉️⁉️ Who, except the sexually depraved and degenerate class‼️‼️ It is a crime of the highest order and it is permissible in rogue states like California and New York where Swamp Thangs thrive‼️‼️ Abortion and the harvesting of baby parts are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and the last time such crimes were committed they were tried by military tribunals in Nuremberg and were put to death‼️‼️‼️ The problem is we did not put to death every single one of them from the bottom up and so they escaped to raise their ugly heads in another place In another time‼️


President Donald J. Trump has done much to put a stop 🛑 to this disgusting travesty, especially with the deployment of ICE and through Presidential Executive Orders❣️

So now, these ugly dirty rotten to the core sexual depraves and degenerates are trying to force their sexually degenerative agenda down the throats of the entire American populace and we are NOT buying it and their Satanic ritual mantra tantras are NOT working either, and that’s what’s bothering them most.

I’m happy to say that #WeThePeole may very well have busted these rabid dogs’ radical codes connected to their insidious criminal activity‼️

What’s bothering them even more right now are possible arrests and public hangings for HIGH TREASON‼️‼️‼️

Acting against the will of the People in every way make them enemies of the People. And enemies of the People are utter traitors‼️

This is why Swamp Thang Cuomo the sitting Governor of New York lashes out orders to the likes of – All Police Officers Must exercise their authority over people who break his Thanksgiving tall orders of adhering to social distancing and so on‼️‼️ He cares less if he is totally unconstitutional in saying so‼️‼️‼️Cuomo 👉🏽Know This 👉🏽 Police Officers do NOT take orders from Governors. Period.

Cuomo and Newsome of California 👉🏽 Know This 👉🏽 Churches and Synagogues don’t have to remain under restricted patronage while your French Laundry elitist restaurant is patronized by you amongst a large group wearing no masks while mask wearing is made mandatory for the People‼️‼️‼️

Cuomo and Newsome and your gang of shameless thug sexual degenerates 👉🏽 Know this 👉🏽 WeThePeople will NOT be used as your bait to satisfy your sexual depravity‼️‼️‼️ WeThe People are NOT your sex objects to practice your BDSM on‼️‼️‼️ Bondage-Discipline-Dominance-Submission and Sadomasochism which in short boils down to BDSM is not acceptable when it is forced down upon‼️‼️‼️

WeThePeople are NOT fodder for you Deep State Swamp creatures to thrive upon while taking great pleasure in making the People in to le misérable‼️‼️‼️

WeThePeople will March Forwards with resilience, towards total freedom and liberty by rejecting every one and every single of your spurious tyrannical laws you try to force down upon us, which no doubt gives you, let me repeat, endless degenerate sexual pleasure in doing so ‼️‼️‼️ They take endless pleasure in the pain of others and they even laugh about it‼️‼️‼️ What a rotten bunch of SICKOS‼️‼️‼️

These are grave crimes‼️ These are grave crimes committed against Humanity‼️

WETHEPEOPLE will NOT be used and abused in this way ‼️ WETHEPEOPLE Refuse to be used and abused in this way ‼️ WETHEPEOPLE SHALL PREVAIL OVER ALL TYRANNY ‼️ PERIOD‼️WETHEPEOPLE shall refuse to be governed by a bunch of sexually depraved degenerate TYRANTS‼️ Period‼️

It is noteworthy that the fall of The Roman Empire was signaled by the sexually degenerate behaviors expressed in the Roman elites’ sexual depravity and degeneracy at the time‼️

In today’s context the Romans equate to the United States’ Government run by the Democrats and the RINOs ‼️

Somewhere in the very near future, these disgusting degenerate BDSM activity of the Democrat and RINO Elitist class will be EXPOSED‼️ They will be EXPOSED for all the world to see‼️ They will be charged with HIGH TREASON AND BE DEALT WITH BY PUBLIC HANGINGS AND EXECUTIONS BY FIRING SQUAD, WITH ALL OF THEIR MOVEABLE AND IMMOVABLE ASSETS SEIZED AND THEIR LIQUID AND SOLID PROPERTY CONFISCATED ‼️‼️‼️ Amen 🙏🏽 to that!!


Take a look at what Rudy Giuliani has to say about pedophile Joe Biden abusing his own son ⬇️

Raymund Coetzee on Parler.

SO ⬇️
Money 💵💴💰Laundering = Voter Laundering
Ballot Harvesting = Adrenochrome Harvesting

RNC2020 Vs DNC

The list goes on, People‼️

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