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Amazon.com: Encryption: A Novella: 9789671142707: Jayawardena, Sharmini: Books

In the Spotlight

As the author, Sharmini Jayawardena goes on to write about what the story unravels:

A fictional non-linear narrative, wakes you up to more reality, with different layers of the story unraveling as it’s many characters or you can say non characters, go around experiencing life in their own inimitable way! What do you get – a jaw dropping story bringing you face up with how to settle the many layers of life’s problems themselves, being broken down, right before you, without as much as a flinch.

The story keeps getting better as we plough through the heart of it, with no plot to speak of! No well rounded characters to entwine yourself around. No theme to keep you cosy.

It’s the kind of stuff you are brought up close with not knowing what’s going to happen next. And, boy o boy, do you get lots of it.

The different levels in the story helps you, the reader, to face up to reality and watch as the character, solves each problem for you, not saying so in so many words.

It’s the stuff movies are made of and a movie, I hope to make of it, soon. The contents of this story, Encryption  A Novella, is that dramatic! At every point you turn a new leaf and a new lead, as you go through the bumpy road, not knowing what to expect next.

In a review of the book, poet and reviewer of repute, Dr. Lakshmi de Silva, says more:

Amazon.com: Encryption: A Novella: 9789671142707: Jayawardena, Sharmini: Books

As a deeper meaning to the story is spoken of over here, you also get a better idea of what the story entails.

By Sharmini Jayawardena
Encryption A Novella

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