Ginny introduced

By Ginny Sophomore

I’ve done my first post so far in the form of, Redecorated to look snazzy, and I’m feeling good.

Sharmini discovered me by accident. She had made her very first trip to the ocean. When you live along the coast and you’re not close enough to it, it really sucks.

But no worries, she made it to the beach and she met me on top of it! I was hanging, taking a dip and generally enjoying the ocean by myself while everyone else was behind closed doors!

Sometimes you really have to take the plunge! Pun intended.

I’m going to share my numerous experiences with you in these times of the Corona and I’m hoping I will have much to ramble on.

My ramblings may entice you or not and least of all educate you. I’m not that sort of top heavy person. This is where I fit in in this whole equation. You see the stuff that is so bubbling, and you need to simmer it down.

I’m not saying I’m going to be a huge equaliser but I’m aiming somewhere there.

Do let me know what you think. It matters to me.

Lazying around the beach 🏖 🏝 is what I love doing best. To be discovered by a magazine while doing nothing or while doing what you love doing best, is a chart topper when you also love to write. It takes your mind off studies, which I’m forced to do.

I think we are both compensated aptly.

We both live in a place where you couldn’t find a right of center person for miles upon miles! It’s that bad. To find a like minded person is beyond amazing. Providence definitely brought us together.

Besides, I’ve never been asked to write ✍️ to a magazine before. I’ve been a closet writer for too long.

See you soon.

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