Redecorated to Look Snazzy

By Ginny Sophomore

My bathroom is awaiting renovations and I’m stuck in a COVID-19 lockdown preventing the renovations from going ahead. So, I decided to give the old girl a new look by smothering it with plants. A converted toilet shelf is the best.

It does have a boho chic look to it doesn’t it?!

I need to add some reading material to my toilet as well. Hmm… I must find a dry spot to place them in. It would look best in a rack attached to the wall.

I also intend buying a small macrame wall hanging online, to give the shelf some background depth.

Enjoy my handy work.

Hope you’re loving 🥰 it so far. May be I will add some more decorations to it like a glass bottle filled with sea sand, topped off with a real cork stopper.

If I can successfully source for a faux star ⭐️ fish or two to add more colour to the wall, I will be elated. Let’s see what I come up with.

Once the refurbishing is completed, I hope to add a vertical garden to one of the walls. The wall having the best advantage of natural light that streams in from the two top windows, will be the lucky one.

It feels wonderful to be in the toilet with these awesome plants to keep you refreshed. It really makes a huge difference to your toilet experience.

I will be sharing before and after pictures to this post once I’m done.

See you soon.

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