Wither the Grifters, Come a Future Republican Administration ?!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

…and why the January 6th patriots languishing in D.C. dungeons are the true recipients of the right to this Nation. Which is why your dollars should be funnelled into the fight to release them from prison.

We The People must be aware that the they are the buyers that the conservative celebs are milking and have been milking for the past many years. The evil Democrats and their status quo of criminal and treasonous behavior and actions have helped create and maintain this bizarre political climate.

The grifters then sell you the Truth for money. The Truth is the product. You the conservative voter is the buyer of the Truth unfortunately having been traded with a price tag placed upon it.

The more fear that both parties drive in to We the People Trump supporting patriots, the more will the People run to the grifters for that false sense of security, and the more they will end up paying the grifters!

It’s a slugfest !

The grifters help this saga to go on. Without dedicated opposition the proposition will not hold sway.

Now the question is, are the grifters from the conservative side stimulating the opposition so forcefully and creating such hype, that nothing but lies and fake news spews from them each time they open their mouths or decides to act ?!

The grifters are but the other side of the coin of this fake beaurocracy that keeps and has kept politicians stagnant in office in DC, for years on end. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and the lot have occupied public office and made millions in Congress on the backs of the true hardworking American countryman and countrywoman.

These country folk are the very backbone of this great Nation Republic, called America.

Well this might very well be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back, in this case, the conservative patriots’ back !!!

If this kind of fraud is happening and is going on within the so called ‘resistance’ itself, then truly the business of politics has gone way too deep in to the woods of fake-ness and fraud. Hopefully it is not one of no return.

The position of the grifters is simple enough – they seek fame and fortune made possible by a pathetic situation. The situation being that the Democrats and the RINO Republicans have sought to sell their Country to the hounds of Hell – that being the Deep State globalist elite and all that it entails !

In fact these grifters must not make any money in the current position we find ourselves, and going back to many years. If the grifters truly cared for any of us or their Country, they would not be doing what they do for personal gain! They will not make a livelihood of a normally honorable task.

This shows they are not genuinely interested in saving our American Republic.

America is NOT FOR SALE !

But when this slogan comes from the mouth of a true narcissist, in the form of Laura Loomer, it becomes toxic!

These grifters are no better than those who are screaming to Build Back Beeeter ‼️

Laura Loomer and the lot of the grifters must STOP 🛑 ✋this business of grifting right now ‼️

In my case I’m not making money off of what I do – writing political posts to Leafblogazine. Neither am I going after fame brought on by writing political articles. Just for the record, I’m actually spending my hard earned money on maintaining this Blogazine.

My soul objective and that of the other writers to the Blogazine, is to disseminate true facts pertaining to the current situation and to put a stop to fake news that is being peddled by the mass media, and BigMedia.

In the process hopefully we can make happen, some changes for the better, for all of us.

Besides, I’ve been known as a creative writer way before I started writing to Leaf Blogazine.

President Trump can gather any number of people to a rally. The Republican Party has become very popular due to his #MAGA rallies. This popularity is entirely due to his charisma besides his honest to the core nature and popular appeal, among his other capabilities.

The grifters being Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, Diamond and Silk, Candace Owens and others, are actually earning a living off of money they earn from the spill over of the Trump popularity. They are willing to make a living out of giblets. This being a tidy sum when it translates in to the millions of people they tap for funds.

They all carry the tag very prominently – Subscribe and Donate to us !!!

These grifters are opportunists in every sense of the word.

The moment the Democrats are removed from the equation, these grifters will be no longer needed. They might as well pack their bags and leave the scene right now, or work their ass off for the Cause of disseminating the Truth to the People for free, just because you are fed up with the injustice that’s going on around you ‼️

The only conservative celeb who is not a grifter in all of this, is Dinesh D’Souza. He once made a point of this on Parler. He said that he was earning money as an independent film maker long before he took on the Cause of fighting the good fight along side the patriots.

During the times of the Founders, their were true patriots who were running printing presses and publishing houses with their own personal funding. Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton come to mind. The Pennsylvania Gazette and the New York Post exists to date.

These are the hallmarks of a true and long lasting legacy. Selfless dedication and hard work springing from self sacrifice for the Cause of Freedom knows no bounds.

At the moment I am looking to recruit such like minded people from the conservative side to carry the mantle of Truth, Patriotism and Freedom in to the future.

In my belief, these Patriots , those people who come from the grassroots as the Democrats call them, the true sons and daughters of the soil, of the land, are the ones who must sit in Congress.

Give me a handful of them and they will over turn the fake celebs and their superficial never ending money making saga, and bring it to a halt.

My only advice to the conservative patriotic We the People is to divert the funds you are spending on the grifters to the Cause to free January 6th Political Prisoners who are true patriots of this Land. They are suffering untold hardship right now in the dungeons of DC, called the American Gulag!!! We The People must make all efforts to FREE these patriotic political prisoners who are suffering direly even as I type, (not forgetting their families who are suffering), with immediate effect ‼️ NOW ‼️







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