Sorting Out Confusion regarding the ‘Vaccine’ and the Corona Virus

By Sharmini Jayawardena

I swore I wouldn’t speak of the CoronaVirus ever again, but it so happens I’m forced to go on about it as I find those around me being utterly confused about where it is at. So here I go again.

Terms such as the Virus, the ‘vaccine’, the vaccinated, the unvaccinated and the naturally immune, are being misconstrued by many people..

To take a basic example, a bunch of vaccinated young people went on a boat party. All of the twenty five vaccinated people aboard got infected with the Virus. They were well again within seven days, a relatively short period, according to them!

Believe it or not, they think the ‘vaccine’ worked, just because it prevented death!

Update: Even this has been refuted by data coming out of the U.K. which shows that vaccinated deaths are higher than unvaccinated deaths!

Preventing death does NOT mean the ‘vaccine’ which is only an rMNA, an experimental vaccine, worked. It actually means the ‘vaccine’ did NOT work. The evidence being the so called vaccinated getting sick.

This does NOT even mean that they recovered ‘fast’ due to having taken the ‘vaccine’. Yet another fallacy of these people.

Having received the antibodies from the mRNA, they may have got sick due to the faulty nature of the ‘vaccine’, due to it NOT being a VACCINE at all. On the other hand, they may have got sick by natural causes. That being getting infected through an already infected person. This is happening to the vaccinated and they don’t seem to realize it or they are blind to it, having no choice now, after making the wrong choice in the first place.

A real vaccine mimics natural immunity and stops you from getting infected. The mRNA however, actually increases the susceptibility to the disease!

In effect, after being vaccinated, one can get reinfected directly by the ‘vaccine’, and one can also get reinfected by contracting it from an infected person. There are many vaccinated people out there going around infecting people!

Further, the spike proteins that have entered the body of a vaccinated person is as one nurse puts it, “a ticking bomb waiting to be attacked by cancer…”, and other diseases.

Naturally immune people do NOT get sick for the most part. The efficacy of natural immunity far outweighs that of immunity gained even by a properly created vaccine. Natural immunity is the best immunity you can get.

It is a fallacy to say the ‘vaccine’ works when people keep getting sick after being vaccinated.

Due to having acquired some antibodies, the vaccinated get infected and recover ‘fast’, only to get re-infected over and over, and it goes on.

A permanently sick community or society doesn’t auger well for a country’s advancement and future prosperity.

Australia and Israel are the only countries that accept natural immunity to this Virus, right now. The rest of the world’s health authorities demand that you take the booster shots each time you get reinfected and recover. The sheeple follow obediently.

The carousel goes on endlessly. So much so that It is difficult to keep track of the numerous variants and boosters to this disease at the moment. When will this repeated taking of booster shots end? I found this article which stated that a prolonged number of booster shots are not good for your health.

While editing this post I find a friend of mine messaging me to say that the Omicron numbers are going “up, up, up…”, in Sydney, Australia, with hospitals being overwhelmed and healthcare workers being infected with the disease! He also tells me that the symptoms are milder than that of the initial COVID-19 symptoms.

I also see a meme saying this ⬇️

The latest variant or new disease is a resultant combination of the Influenza and the CoronaVirus! The first case was detected in Israel, last week. They have given it the name FLURONA!

With regard to this Virus, would taking the ‘vaccine’ or booster for the Covid-19 variants, suffice, to prevent it from infecting you? The present mRNA is obviously inadequate. Or does one have to take both, an influenza shot and a Covid shot as a preventative measure?

Neither the Influenza shot nor the Covid-19 shot works!

Further, would getting infected by flurona give you a severe attack or bout of the symptoms as experienced by those who got infected with the CoronaVirus?

Nobody seems to be talking about these aspects of what the Virus has now mutated in to. They are busy with the overwhelming chaos caused by the Omicron variant.

Vaccine mandates have been put into effect knowing well they are in violation of people’s basic freedoms and rights. Legal action taken by citizens in this regard have prevented governments from insisting that mandates be observed.

Update: Biden’s OSHA, (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), Vaccine Mandate Blocked by Supreme Court, for Private Businesses, reads the news headlines!

Anyway, what’s the point in mandates when the ‘vaccine’ is inadequate to quell the disease?!

The existing health system available to humanity as a whole is absolutely unsatisfactory and dangerous to put it mildly.

All of the confusion surrounding the CoronaVirus has only gone to prove that those in charge of our health actually know nothing about the human anatomy or our health. They are and have been only groping in the dark for over a millennia. It is the reason why the human being is so full of diseases and it has reached its nadir in recent times. . Every next person you meet who is over forty years of age is either ridden with diabetes, hypertension, cancer or heart disease or a combination of anyone of these!!! It looks like doctors have caused havoc in our bodies and minds while enriching themselves and BigPharma. The so called health experts or physicians have taken our hard earned money and played the fool with our health or more like played the merry devil with our lives!

These doctors should be sent off to another planet to fight for their own lives!

For all the mayhem that the health experts have caused inside of our bodies, I’m intending applying the wrecking ball to all bogus hospitals, starting now!

What the medical profession aught to be doing is not to address the symptom but to prevent their onset by addressing our diet and how and what we should and shouldn’t eat and drink and live.

Update: just now I here there’s another variant coming from Cypress which is a combination of the Omicron and Delta variants and it is called Deltacron‼️

Not done yet! An Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus is detected in China!

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