If Our Founders were to Descend Upon Us Today

By Sereniti James

They will be stupefied as to why America 🇺🇸 is fighting other people’s wars in other people’s territory!!!

What????? America is an Empire????!!!! We did not aspire for it to be one!

What???? The U. S. Dollar 💵 is used by the entire world?????!!!! Balderdash!!!!

The founders will shoot half of Congress down for selling America to the Globalist devils. They will DEMAND that the remaining rest, abide by the Constitution and pass sensible bills rapidly to make life easy on We The People.

They will DEMAND that the Congress folk be given term limits as they always meant it to be. As they said – serve your Country for one term and retire to work at your day job.

The Founding Fathers will ask these salient questions 👉🏻What are these “financial instruments” called stocks and shares??? And, how come people in Congress get to trade in them on information they acquire by positions they occupy for the explicit purpose of serving We The People??? Shouldn’t they be observing the strictest of measures of confidentiality?

Are these Congress folk numbskulls not to know the gravity of being involved in matters regarding conflict of interest?

Where is the transparency and accountability in all of the ways in which these criminal politicians hide their criminal actions?

Why aren’t We The People of America filing lawsuits to bring these Congress folks to justice ⚖️🔨📖🗽🇺🇸🎯

No! Americans were NOT “born and raised” to protect other people’s territory! Those people have enough people in their own countries to do that for them.

NO! No President of The United States will henceforth wield his abusive powers and resort to using American We The People as cannon fodder to cover up the financial deficit incurred by him due to his corrupt practices. This will apply equally to the corrupt government servants and Congress folks who are supposed to serve We The People!

No more will the War Machinery be deployed to offset a numbskull president’s gross corruption by pumping money into the war effort while he and his henchmen become rich on the spilled blood 🩸 of American Patriots.

Wars are fought to terrorize and terrify the kith and kin of those brave soldiers while they never returned or returned in a coffin and those who survived were maimed beyond recognition.

Wars are fought to terrorize We The People ‼️‼️‼️SUCH TYRANNY WILL BE SCOTCHED‼️We The People will “withdraw the consent” to be governed by such a tyrannical government ‼️SUCH TRAITORS WILL BE PUNISHED WITH THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW‼️‼️‼️

No more will Congress folk be allowed to buy stocks and shares while they serve their constituents.

No more will Congress folk be allowed to decide on and pay their own salaries‼️‼️‼️

There will be no more never ending wars fought as America will not be run by globalist elitist opportunists anymore. The American people will no longer be sacrificed in war. American We The People will live to #MAGA and #KAG

The rest of the world can go to hell as far as the U. S. Dollar is concerned! They can be gucked for all we care.

America will no longer be buying anything from illicit Chy-na! America has all the necessary raw material and labour to produce superior quality products for all of its people. Made In America will be the proud words we read when buying everything we ever need.

Americans will be already shifting gear ⚙️ to closing down all Administrative Agencies viz., DOJ, DOD, CDC, FBI, CIA, FDA, EPA and a plethora of other agencies created by the fake Administrative State which is the Fourth Branch of government surreptitiously introduced in between the the Constitution and We The People. These will all be DISMANTLED!.

America will NOT pay 💰 any money to run any international organizations. The UN and all of its branches and arms can rot in hell for all the misery they are causing all over the planet, so that they can thrive!!! These spurious organizations are in the business of making a living on creating misery for others, and living on other people’s miseries.

The American dollar will no longer be produced in a printing press called the Federal Reserve which is neither a reserve nor a bank!!! This rogue apparatus will be completely dissolved and rendered bankrupt.

All money used within America will be created upon the gold standard. No more will pieces of paper calling them promissory notes will ever be created.

We The People will STOP 🛑 ✋🏻 living in the future. No goods or services will be exchanged for what will be settled on a later date. Everything that an American ever buys will be created by their own labour and will be exchanged for real money 💴 as soon as the product leaves the hands of the seller.

The transaction between buyer and seller will be sacrosanct. No more installments, paying buy credit cards, and the banking system as it exits will be completely annulled .

The other alphabet businesses or should we say conglomerates that operate with the express purpose of throttling We The People such as the fake new media that go by 👉🏻ABC, NBC, MSNBC, FNN, CNN, NYT, WAPO and the lot will be stripped off of their positions of false power. In place of these propagandists, real news 📰 🗞 that disseminate the facts so We The People can Establish Truth for themselves will be erected.

A good example of this being President Trump’s very own ➡️ TRUTHSOCIAL launched on February 21. 2022.

Similarly, those fake social media platforms that go by new fangled word salad names like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and the rest of the Applications that swamp the Internet, will cease to exist! What do these names even mean???!!!

No Congress folk will be allowed to nor be able to promote language corruption, hijack the environment, hijack the schools and other areas of life important to We The People. These entities belong to We The People and not to their elected representatives. Period.

Nor will these government servants who have become larger than life behemoths, forces to be reckoned with, be allowed to lord over We The People! No more will they be telling We The People what they should do! The EVIL useless idiots 👉🏻SHALL NOT OWN THE INTERNET ‼️The INTERNET IS THE SOLE PROPERTY OF WE THE PEOPLE ‼️Period‼️

No more shall FAUCI be availed of God given powers to strangulate We The People’s health for health is wealth‼️‼️‼️


No more will 👉🏻Medical tyranny, social media tyranny, fake news media tyranny, war tyranny, judicial tyranny, ever be in existence for the socialist Darwinist ‘progressive’ globalist elite to prosper on. There will be no more tyranny to be wielded at random nor tyranny to be wielded by any other means against WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA ‼️‼️‼️‼️



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