“THEY USED MY HUSBAND TO INTIMIDATE OTHER J6’ers TO TAKE A PLEA! DO NOT TAKE A PLEA!” said Wife of First Convicted J6er! – Attorney Did Not Even Tell Family a Verdict Was Reached (VIDEO)

By Cara Castronuova Published March 9, 2022 at 3:11pm

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We recently reported about the DOJ and Biden Regime’s mental takeover of a teenage boy (Jackson Reffitt) and how they aided him in recording his father in the family home for eight days for evidence that would be used to convict his father.

Nicole Reffitt, the wife of Guy Reffitt, was not present for the reading of the guilty verdict by the jury yesterday. Neither were Guy’s children.

“Our attorney (public defender William Welch) told me that he wasn’t allowed to tell me there was a verdict. He called and told me to go to the courtroom but he never said they already had reached a verdict. He didn’t tell me (even though he had the information) that the verdict would be announced within 20 minutes of our call when I wasn’t even there at the courthouse. I don’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to tell us there was a verdict. I wasn’t able to be there for my husband when they read it.”

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Nicole ran into the courtroom right after the verdict was read and got to catch a final glimpse of her husband being taken away.

Reffitt was required by the court to wear a mask so he was unable to mouth any words to his wife before being taken back into custody. He made a heart sign with his hands directed at her before the Marshalls led him out and back to DC Gitmo.

Guy Reffitt makes a heart sign with his hands to say “I love you” to his wife Nicole before being taken back into custody by Marshalls and sent back to DC Gitmo.

“I quickly pulled my mask down and I got to mouth to him that I love him before he disappeared behind the doors,” said Nicole Reffitt. “I told him everything was going to be okay and to hold the line.”

See Nicole’s full statement after the verdict here:

Outside of the courthouse this is what Nicole had to say:

“Do not take a pleas- they want us to take a plea,” said Nicole Reffitt, the wife of the first J6 defendant convicted yesterday. “They reason that we have all guilty verdicts is that they are making a point of Guy and that is to intimidate all the other 1/6ers. And we will all fight together. Guy was used as an example today to make all the January 6ers take pleas- do not take pleas 1/6ers we got this!”

“I have a strong feeling there will be more people taking plea deals after this- especially people already sitting in jail,” said Nate DeGrave, a current DC Gitmo prisoner awaiting trail.

According to reporter Scott McFarland, a juror told him “they weren’t trying to make a statement with the quick verdict but she HOPES THEY DID.”

According to many defendants we have spoken to the DOJ has offered them various pleas that include asking them to change their original statements of why they were at the Capitol and state that they were there to intentionally “Disrupt Congress”.

“The curated statements they want the J6ers to say in exchange for taking a plea is to assist the government so they can set judicial precedence and pass legislation that will be a nightmare for America,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “Similar to The Patriot Act but much worse. It will effect all of us- our right to protest, our free speech, our privacy, our 2nd Amendment- everything.”

Another unusual fact Nicole told us about the the government appointed liberal public defender William Welch was that throughout the entire ordeal over the past year she was unable to speak with or consult with him.

“Welch told me I had to get to him through Guy, who was in jail,” said Nicole. “I was unable to have any conversations with Guy’s lawyer- he would not talk to me. It was very upsetting.”

Please donate and help Reffitt family survive without Guy and raise funds for a qualified appeals attorney HERE.

Many who witnessed the trial question why the defense attorney brought no defense witnesses to the stand, including Reffitt’s daughter Peyton who was originally slated to be called by the prosecution before they found out she was planning on defending her Dad on the stand. Peyton was axed off the prosecution’s witness list at literally the last moment.

See us question Public Defender William Welch here:

“Peyton Reffitt’s testimony would have helped Guy’s case tremendously,” said Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “One of his charges he was found guilty of was that he threatened his kids to not go to the FBI. And here his daughter is going to say she never felt threatened by her father. Why wouldn’t the defense attorney jump on that? It is really suspicious and makes you wonder who’s side he was on.”

The prosecution showed short clips of an hour long video to back their narrative that somehow Reffitt was responsible for the actions of the entire crowd that day and led them all in, even though he was shot with rubber bullets and pepper sprayed before he ever made it close to the Capitol doors.

The defense attorney William Welch did not show video evidence that had the potential of proving Reffitt was not “the tip of the spear” that led the crowd into the Capitol. This was a big part of the narrative the prosecution pushed. In fact, video evidence shows that the area Reffitt was seen in being pepper sprayed by police and collapsing had ALREADY BEEN BREACHED BY RAY EPPS before Reffitt got there. The video was never presented by the defense attorney at the trail.

Welch opted to not show the entire video that illustrated the area had already been breached and video the defense possessed that was more favorable to the defendant. Welch also insinuated the prosecution’s video evidence could be “deepfakes” — falsified or manipulated computer-generated footage. This made it look like the defense was desperate and grasping at straws. Since he did nothing to explain further what a “deepfake’ was in detail, it seemed like a wacky conspiracy theory to the DC jurors. This “deepfake” strategy was harmful and certainly not necessary- considering all the evidence that he could have presented to exonerate his client.

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Reffitt’s public defender wore a mask while addressing the jury even though he was speaking to them from a distance behind glass. This made it difficult to hear him. He did not make real eye contact with the jury and was very monotone during his Closing Argument. (The prosecution team did not wear masks while emphatically addressing the jurors.) Public defender Welch also encouraged the jury to find his client Reffitt  guilty for one of the five charges.

“We have many concerns about the public defender assigned to Reffitt by the government,” said Ryan of Citizens Agaisnt Political Persecution. “It is no coincidence they tried the first J6 case with a Government assigned public defender representing the defendant. Public defenders are part of the swamp, part of the machine. In my opinion this public defender did the bare minimum to defend his client and let the persecution the star of the show. The results if this trial will terrify the rest of the J6ers to plea bargain. It is by design.”

Nicole parted the courthouse with these warning words for America:

Using my minor child as a pawn is probably the most disgusting ploy I have even seen- unfortunately we had to be a part of that, and it really just opened up my eyes up to the overreach of the DOJ and the effect that it will have on the American people in the long run as long as you will allow this to continue you are all in danger.

“It has only just begun,” said Nicole. “There is always appeals. We are positive and this fight is just beginning.”

*Stay tuned for an exclusive statement from Guy Reffitt from DC Gitmo and his reaction to the verdict.

The Reffitt Family leaves the DC Federal Court, heartbroken over the Guilty Verdict of Guy Reffitt.

Please donate and help Reffitt family survive without Guy and raise funds for an appeals attorney HERE.

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