Nothing the Conservatives have Done So Far on Exposing Election And Voter Fraud has Lead to a Single High Profile Indictment Regarding the Matter or any other matter

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

Why is this the case ? Today I read the following on once again drop boxes and the exploitation there of ⬇️

What is the point in exposing all of this if no one is taking any notice of it ?! We definitely need to and must change our stance on doing away with Election and Voter Fraud once and for all.

Not all of the funding to the grifters has changed any part of the existing status quo for us. None ! Why are we still continuing to fund these parasites and rally around them, giving them unused, undue power in the process of doing so ?! 

Election 2018 has come and gone. Election 2020 has come and gone. We are now heading for Election 2022 without as much as putting any regulations concerning Election integrity into place. We have not done a thing that would alter Election fraud nor Voter fraud that went on in the previous Elections. This, even though we now know elections have been rigged for decades. We have not to date done anything significant to ensure free and fair elections will prevail in the upcoming Midterm on November 8th, 2022, just three months ahead.

I have repeatedly brought to your notice that us conservatives must get organized into forming our  committees of correspondence so we can become a serious and strong force to be reckoned with, This being putting forward our grievances to Congress in the form of a Declaration of Causes, failing which, we declare our independence from government. i .e. Withdrawing our consent to be governed by a tyrannical government. Their inability to address these grievances makes it imperative for us to seek other remedial action. Having exhausted all our peaceful means of protest, we can then find other remedial action. Nobody is interested. I have decided to curtail my interaction with contacts on Leafblogazine’s social media sites. I’m wondering if that would in some way bring upon change in the manner in which the conservative Republicans will be propelled into action.

No. It bore absolutely zero results. So, I carry on regardless …

It should be obvious to any intelligent being that not all of their actions taken so far, be it in funding grifter orgs like TPUSA, Turning Point USA, or any other has brought about any of the expected results. That most importantly being establishing Election Integrity laws in the states. Then why do you continue to do what you do ? When is the tipping point going to occur for the Turning Point ?! They might as well change their name. It has not occurred for the longest time.

What has meme making done for us ? Absolutely nothing. Benny Johnson says he has created a Parler account posting memes every Friday. To what end ? What does he hope to achieve?! All of this is so pathetic and puerile !!!

The grifters and their organizations have existed for years, not bringing about any meaningful and definitive change that can cause the opposition to be scotched. Nothing has ever happened that has brought a single criminal on the side of the Democrats, of which we all know there are many, to justice. No one has to date being indicted, charged and brought to book and punished.

Have none of you ever asked the question why ?! All of these individuals, groups and orgs are completely ineffective in subduing a strong force as the Deep State that they are up against. They have all proven to be weak and useless.

They are all but the other side of the coin of Operation Mockingbird, going on yapping with no end in sight of any real solutions to the many problems affecting Election Fraud nor any of the other issues pertaining to the economy now rendered broke and broken. These grifters have turned themselves into the echo chamber that they have all willingly become. They put up these shows, as they do call them, themselves, just to make a living off of doing so and NOT to bring about any real change to the gross crimes that have engulfed all of us. 

In fact the problems the socialists have created have brought about ready and lucrative money making schemes for the conservative Republican grifters to thrive on. So give me one reason why these grifters would want anything to change ?! Why would they want anything to end ?! That would ONLY serve to end their lucrative pipeline to MONEY !!! 

How many of you conservatives who are keeping these sites afloat by funding them, even question these very real facts ?! I’m talking to you – Students For Trump, founded by Ryan Fournier. You are either funding the Congressmen and women and their agencies with your tax dollars or you’re funding the grifters who help keep this charade going with your hard earned money ! When are you the People, men and women, going to come out of your stupidity and take power into your own hands ?! When are you going to start forming your own committees of correspondence?! That will truly put an end to all of these bogus money making schemes. That would definitely end all of lame ass Congress, and the grifters themselves. No. But you are too darn lazy. Your abject lethargy keeps you from achieving your goal of attaining freedom for yourselves.

Who was it that took away your strength to get organized and move forwards, from you ?! Every minute you stay silent doing nothing is every minute gained by Congress and the grifters to tyrannize you and defeat you. Your silence is your CONSENT !!!

Minnesotans are the ONLY Republicans/ conservatives to start their grassroots groups !!! Meanwhile, the Patriots of January 6th languish inside horrible prisons everywhere in America, particularly in the DC Gulag !!!
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