The Significance of the Actions of the Pastor Placing The Cross and Praying, Along with The Patriots Walking through The U. S. Capitol…

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By Sharmini jayawardena

21st July 2022

On January 6th of 2021, the day when president trump called all Patriots to the Ellipse for a rally, is the day that We the People cleansed the Capitol and all of its surrounding areas with our prayers and our actions in totality.

People may not be thinking of this or they may be thinking of this. But, on that day, us American Patriots went down in history as having regained, recovered and restored our great American Republic. We re-captured the Nation from the clutches of the Satanists who had desecrated the entire premises with their evil Satanist hatred, loathing and cruelty. For, who knows for a certainty what actually goes on once the Capitol premises are closed for the day ?! Definitely Satanic rituals take place inside of the People’s House in secrecy, unbeknownst to the Patriots of this Great Country. This is why today an year and a half later the socialist globalist elite are yet unable to lay claim to what they deem is theirs to have and to hold. What this means is the thirty trillion dollars in cash which they thought would fall into their coffers but didn’t !!! This being the sum total to date of the U. S. Debt !!!

For a certainty I can vouch that what went on in those august portals were not good at all. In fact they were all bad and bad to the extent of driving evil energies into destroying the Nation itself from what the Founders had created it to be. It had fallen to disgrace, despair and disrepair. 

Check out THIS post for more on this fact.

I followed the British media network, The Sun, on that day, as I could not trust the American fake news media to show an accurate and honest picture of what was going on at the Capitol on January 6th 2021.

We the people patriots took part in a very daringly brave and necessary act of courage in going inside those vestiges of government. The Capitol is indeed the House of the People. Those within it are only there because We the People sent them there to be represented. The very vote which the Leftist Democrats and RINOs that infested the Capitol had robbed from the People by conducting fraudulent Elections.

Since the 2020 Election was rigged, the so-called Representatives now occupying Congress are no longer representative of We the People and therefore MUST step down from office by resignations tendered to the Speaker, FORTHWITH !!!

In fact, the whole of America was destroyed by the Satanists who were ready to take over the entire Country as it fell with their step by step actions starting with fraudulently taking over the White House and so the Executive. Thereafter, they were prepared to open the borders, risking the very sovereignty of the Nation itself. The Covid-19 Virus having made it possible to wreck all free and fair elections was ready to take charge of making the People diseased and sickly, unable to work or support the Economy and its finances. They were ready with the fake vaccines now wreaking havoc inside of the People’s bodily systems leaving them open to all kinds of deathly diseases. They were ready to ruin the American dollar as they set forth to print paper money unabatedly. They were ready to create a WWIII by challenging Russia, the only real superpower next to America in the world, through fighting proxy wars. For the first time America was going to be reduced and relegated to the very bottom in terms of strength. They wanted to create the weakest  America that ever existed.

This was all well planned and ready to be executed once the Democrats and the RINOs came into occupation of the White House. Their plans misfired and backfired. Try as they may, nothing is getting them to where they expected to be by this point in time. That being at the top of garnering the dollars into their coffers. This was and is all they are interested in. They are now relegated to laundering money instead, in driblets. They keep pumping money in instalments, as stimulus checks to Ukraine, their gravy train, calling it assistance for fighting Russia !!!

““Trump’s “Top Pastor” Mark Burns weighed in on the January 6th Hearings with some words of wisdom for our readers:

“This a supernatural battle against good versus evil,” said Pastor Burns. “This is not liberal vs. conservative, or Democrat vs. Republican. This is outright a Demonic attack against the sovereignty of this nation led by Satan and his demons.”

Burns continued:

“Find peace in knowing that the polls are pointing in the direction that Republicans will overtake the House and most likely the Senate for a Republican majority. Be assured that YES we will come back to investigate those who investigated us. God is our fortress. We will not be shaken.”

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” Phil 4:13.””

  • From The Gateway Pundit

However true it may be that the antifa and blm thugs of the Left were present at the premises of The Capitol on January 6th, this much is true – Having been on Parler prior to the day, watching patriotic groups like the Proud Boys, Latinos For Trump and the Million Maga March prep for the day and even making suggestions on what must be done, they were ready for any eventuality. The Proud Boys were going to be in black camo so that they would merge with antifa. What we didn’t know was that there were antifa operatives spying on us for antifa in our Parler forum. The antifa had infiltrated the ranks. I called out one of them, Oli Vine or some such was her name. She was attempting to create fear and trauma on the site and I exposed her actions to the rest of the girls on the forum. She went under but so many others may have been around under cover. They were privy to what we were discussing. 

I know for a fact that the Proud Boys were present at every gathering organized by conservatives so as to provide security and safety to the attendees because anitfa was attacking Trump supporters and even their children on many occasions where the Proud Boys were not around in the periphery. In fact we called upon the members of the group to be present to protect us and to provide us with security. Many of them were veterans as well.

The Patriots marched into the Capitol when those at home informed them that the Speaker of the House was not taking up issues pertaining to Election Integrity that was breeched in the states, which the lawmakers were presenting to the House.

In many instances, the Capitol police was giving the patriots, free access and even the police were lax with imposing barriers and the barricades that were there were easily toppled down by the patriots making their way to the Capitol. It prompted me to think that the police themselves were aiding the patriots and were on their side. The way history was being rolled out that day, there was no way the patriots would have lost. It was the murdering of Ashli Babbitt by Lt. Mike Byrd of the Capitol police that ruined it for the Satanists.

Patriot blood was shed inside The Capitol by Capitol police and that was not meant to happen if Nancy Pelosi had anything to do with it. Yes, Nancy Pelosi is to blame squarely for the security breach at The Capitol on January 6th. But it went against the plans of the Satanists. So, for the record, it is patriot blood that was shed and not that of the domestic enemies who are the Satanists. 

It is also true that in doing what the Patriots had to do, they were also unbeknownst to them, occupying the Capitol by walking around inside the building. Not only that, they were occupying the House which was their own building. The People created it. It was maintained in every way with tax dollars belonging to We the People Patriots. The House was supposed to be housed by Representatives voted to be there by the vote of We the People Patriots. There’s NOTHING that says TRAITOR Nancy Pelosi or any of the other TRAITORS seated in the august Chamber can lay claim to a single brick that exists in the Capitol !!! All of its entirety belongs to none other than We the People Patriots. 

The fact that Patriots were hauled up by SWAT teams of the FBI from their homes even as they slept in the early hours of the morning, and chucked inside D. C. dungeons way after the event on January 6th is also how Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the TRAITORS will be hauled up and into GTMO in the near future. They will have to be accountable for the gross manner of the worst sort and for the unconstitutionality of the worst way in which they have mistreated, abused and demonized the Patriots. This scenario is going to be worked out next with the tables turned and the guns trained on the Satanists who continue to be inside the Capitol, for sure.

When the socialist Democrat and RINO ‘progressive’ globalist elite fail to execute and manifest a single one of their efforts as planned for themselves, they will go down by the weakness of their own hands and their very lack of the intellect, now relegated to a zero having sexualized themselves.       

They are attempting to make room for a One World Government by a New World Order which I’m afraid will not work out. Sadly for them but gladly for us as we do not want to commit bizarre crimes against humanity like depopulating the planet !!!

The so-called Georgia Guidestones having been possibly drone attacked and thereafter completely destroyed by bulldozer, is the most obvious sign by God to all Patriotic We the People that the END is here for the Satanist Globalist Cabal. Notably, the so-called Guidestones were demolished on Wednesday, 6th July, 2022. Number 6 being the number of the Devil according to evil practices of the Satanists.

To get back to the story at hand, the fact of the Patriots storming the Capitol on 6th January, 2021, is also prophetic. This is so to the very fact of the Patriots walking around inside of their House on that day being significant to having redeemed the Patriotic We the People from the bondages of the Devil himself. The prayers said and the Cross erected in the Capitol premises by the Pastor and the Patriots, including singing the National Anthem, threw the Satanists occupying the House, the socialist Democrats and RINO Representatives, literally into the doldrums, as it were.

We now see that, had the Patriots not been arrested, wrongfully as it verily is, by the fake and barbaric Biden Department Of Justice/ the FBI, ordered to do so by the BIden Regime, there would’ve been a Nation wide bloodbath directed by the Satanists themselves against the People of America. This would’ve been absolutely horrendous to state the least. In effect, the Patriots of the January 6th Protest truly saved their Country and their Patriotic brothers and sisters by the longest stretche; i.e. by having sacrificed themselves in every sense of the word as mentioned above and as stated in successive Leafblogazine posts on this most egregious and monstrous of catastrophes the Left has created out of what happened on that day on January 6th 2021, at the United States Capitol.


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