What The Hell Are White People And Black People Who Do Not Like America Doing In America Anyway ?!

In the Spotlight

11th July 2022

By Sharmini Jayawardena 

Black Lives Matter, Black Lies Matter, Antifa, 🐜ifa are all a bunch of turds. That’s all they are. They rebel for the sake of rebelling, wasting good energy, money and time doing bullshit. If they used all of those wasted resources building the Country instead of destroying it, that would be such a worthwhile effort on their part.

Why are they rebelling for the sake of rebelling with no cause to do so ? It is purely because they do not have an iota of creativity in them. They are plainly and simply put, a darn drain on the Country. This is saying it mildly. They are resourceless to the extent of being utterly unproductive. 

It is all nothing but the elite behaving and showing off their elitist evil ugliness all over again. This is their very own form of white supremacy and black supremacy playing out in real life in real time.

Just see how voraciously loud these morons are wherever they go. They yell their asses off whenever it pleases them, as if anyone ever cared about their ugly yelling. They engage themselves in uncouth and loud behavior like appearing in restaurants where those whom they disagree with politically are enjoying a meal and demand their removal by the management. They make people fear for their lives and flee the premises.

Whoever gave birth to these imbeciles anyway ?! Maybe as they say the more of their kind there is in the world the worse the world would be for them being present. So maybe we should now resort to asking them to go ahead and abort their own babies. Why should we care ? Why would we care ? They are in fact doing us a favor. The world would be rid of the pain of having to put up with more of these loud mouthed idiots. They have to do it on their own funds and not on taxpayer funding.

These supremacists must all leave America. Go back to wherever the hell you came from originally. Italy, U.K., Germany, anywhere in Africa, India or any other place that you truly belong to. As you do not belong to America because the Constitution says so !!!

Jill Biden’s Tweet that sent retired army three star general out of his job 

reads as follows:

“Jill Biden tweeted on June 24, “For nearly 50 years, women have had the right to make our own decisions about our bodies. Today, that right was stolen from us. And while we may be devastated by this injustice, we will not be silent. We will not sit back as the progress we have already won slips away…Tomorrow, we will continue to fight — for our daughters and granddaughters, and for ourselves — until all women can decide our own futures once again.””

Which totalitarian state are we living in anyway ? Of course it’s Joe Biden’s totalitarian state where else ?!

Well the way they are going about Abortion for all for all tremezters it’s going to leave them with no daughters, grand daughters and great grand daughters, anyway. Are these morons so without brains ?! Not hard to believe considering they fraternize with each other, listen to each other’s bullshit and engage in hive mind in an echo chamber. Where is the inclusivity and diversity anyway ?! We go one round and “circle back” to “circle back Jen ” anyway. These people are so obtuse and nutso.

They truly need to have their minds or the lack there of examined. This is not the first time that Leafblogazine is drawing attention to the Democrats’ and RINOs’ lunacy. We did so here ⬇️ 

Here ⬇️

And here ⬇️

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