A Most Palatable Decoction If there Ever was One

By Sharmini Jayawardena

17th January 2023

This elixir is a most efficacious decoction for your general wellbeing. I struck upon this remedy quite by accident while creating a health drink for a deity and one thing led to another and I came up with this most delicious and spicy decoction that hits you with the first sip you take of it.

Some of you may not agree with my offering decoctions or anything else to deities. But it so happened and so mote it be.

Here is how it gathered momentum as I went along.

I first wanted to make a very normal Asian decoction with coriander seed and ginger slices. 

I got a bit excited and decided I’m going to add lime juice to it. Then I came up with the honey.

Finally, I struck gold when I decided to set alight a stick of Ceylon cinnamon and smoke the mason jar I was going to serve it in.

Here it goes:


30 gm coriander seed

2 slices ginger

The juice of 1 lime (reserve 2 slices of lime for garnishing)

2 tsps honey

1 stick Ceylon cinnamon (for smoking the jar)

Twice the amount of water content held in the mason jar

1 mason jar


1.In a pot, boil the coriander seeds and the slices of ginger in the given quantity of water. 

2.Reduce the volume down to half.

3.Take your clean mason jar and hold the smoking end of a lighted Ceylon cinnamon stick to the inside of the jar, smoking it while doing so. Remove the stick.

4.Pour the boiled coriander water into the jar.

5.Add the ginger slices.

6.Remove the lime seeds and squeeze the lime juice directly into the mason jar.

7.Add the honey and give it a good stir.

8.Now add about 10-15 of the coriander seeds to the decoction.

7.Top it with slices of lime.

I kept it at my altar for 5 minutes before drinking it straight off the mason jar on an empty stomach, and eating the slices of ginger thereafter.

WoW ! A most spicey, tasteful, delicious decoction !!!

The Results:

1.I observed that I had a very alert mind that made it possible for me to write a blog Post after many months had passed. This is a great achievement for me. So, I call it the decoction that broke my writer’s block ! 

2.I felt exhilarated overall.

3.I had a very good night’s sleep, even though I drank it in the afternoon.

4.I had a good motion the following morning.

5.I continue to be left with an alert mind in addition to having a great appetite.

Do give it a try.

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