America Has Been A Debt Based Economy For A Long Time and That’s Why Biden Doesn’t Give A Damn

18th August 2023

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Meme By Don Mashak/ Don T. Mashak

It is a debt based fiat money scam, as Don would put it.

The Globalists would like to think they are the solution to a problem. They are not. They ARE  the problem. 

Only 60% of everything we spend is taxpayer funded. The rest of the 40% of everything that is funded  is done by printing paper that has absolutely no value. This is why Congress, The Senate, and The House don’t care a damn about what they should do and should not do. They are not dependent on the taxpaying American citizens’ vote, to do anything the taxpayer may want done by them. On top of all of that, the Globalist Elite have also conducted fraudulent elections, numerous times in the name of and by socialist democrats and communists.

This is also why Joe Biden, the illegal in residence at the White House, cares a hoot about complying with the Law, The Constitution or even the SCOTUS, (like he did not abide by the decision of The SCOTUS on the Student Loan matter, until they had to be taken down by what they call Lawfare, which the Republicans have to resort to, now), because he knows that he’s printing money with no value, to get everything and anything he wants done. The dollar has lost its value and as far as he is concerned he can print however much paper money he wants.

America is at this pivotal point right now, and Joe Biden governs by Executive Order as the American vote has no value at all.

If the American We the people want to see real change happen for the better, then they have to now rally together to form their committees of correspondence, without delay. You don’t communicate on their old and fraudulent social media that censors you at will. You communicate with each other by email. You form your grassroots group with no one knowing anything about it except your members.

If the entire Trump Supporting population of the Country does this, no one can put a stop to it either. It is the single strongest base that exists right now in the Country. Since there is no law and order governing the Country, you cannot depend on Law Enforcement for protection either. The Courts are packed with corrupt Bush, Clinton, Obama and Biden appointed judges who are wreaking havoc . 

It is back again the WWW, in full force. The Wild Wild West. It is also happening right there on the Internet, with regard to the www, or the world wide web, as well. If a vast population is involved in forming their groups, then the so called fraudulent Law Enforcement will not be able to do anything about it. There is no place to incarcerate millions of people and there is no way of shooting down millions of people, either. Not the least because they can’t do either one or the other, or both, but because there is simply no point in doing so. The people are vital to a so-called leader, however delusional he may be, to call himself the president of this or that. 

People are vital in large groups for the World Economic Forum to conduct their insidious activity on all fronts, to create a One World Government by a New World Order. Without People, they are NOTHING ! they are definitely not able to achieve this by the Democrats alone. That is the reason for all the hullabaloo that goes on.

So, what the conservative patriot must understand is that although the American system of governance gives rights to individuals, right now, the individual is helpless to help himself or his community. This is why it is vital to form your Committees, Now ! 

The Democrats know this about conservatives, very well. The Democrats are the ones who act in groups as a collective. The conservatives by far act as individuals and everyone knows that America affords freedoms to individuals and not to groups.

There comes a point in time when you have to work together towards a singular aim or goal. In this case the goal being fighting the good fight for the Cause.The Cause of protecting your Unalienable Natural Rights, by the Rule of Law as vested in The Constitution, which America was founded upon. This has to be achieved in order that We the People can secure all freedoms as given in The Bill Of Rights and ratified in The Declaration of Independence, by The Founders. This is vital to STOP the  TYRANNY of the masses ! 

 The ONLY way that We the People can Restore The Constitutional Republic, is by relentlessly fighting the good fight !!! So, get ready People !

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