Illinois State Supreme Court Declares ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Constitutional

By Mike LaChance   Aug. 11, 2023

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Another one bites the dust ! #LAWFARE

Americans have been buying guns at a record pace for four straight years.

This is partially because of rising crime, but also because people are concerned about Democrats and gun control.

Americans are right about the Democrats. No matter how bad things get in the country, due mostly to their policies, they just won’t stop trying to enforce more control on law-abiding people.

Look at what just happened in Illinois.

ABC News reports:

Illinois Supreme Court finds assault weapons ban constitutional

Using research and statistics, experts examine America’s history with guns, the real-life impacts of…Read More
The Illinois State Supreme Court found a strict assault weapons ban passed after the Highland Park shooting to be constitutional in a ruling issued Friday.

The ruling came in response to a lawsuit that claimed that the ban violated the equal protections clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The court reversed a lower court finding and said that the law does not violate the equal protections clause. However, the Supreme Court did not comment on claims that the law also violated the Second Amendment.

In the ruling, which was 4-3, Justice Elizabeth Rochford wrote, “First, we hold that the exemptions neither deny equal protection nor constitute special legislation because plaintiffs have not sufficiently alleged that they are similarly situated to and treated differently from the exempt classes. Second, plaintiffs expressly waived in the circuit court any independent claim that the restrictions impermissibly infringe the second amendment. Third, plaintiffs’ failure to cross-appeal is a jurisdictional bar to renewing their three-readings claim.”

Of course, the left is overjoyed about this.

They won’t even enforce laws already on the books, but they want more.

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