While the Republicans were Busy Eating steak and Drinking beer, the Radical Left Packed  ALL Official Sections of the Community with Their Minions !!!

By Sharmini Jayawardena

This was done so they can have total control of all apparatus, government and private !! 

… And now THIS !!! How the hell does this even happen ?! The school boards are full of them. The Council members are the most of them and the county and state employees are all of them. This until the Republicans naively thought and believed that all of their institutions were being run in a proper and honest manner and business as usual was conducted duely ! Why oh why did the Republican We the People ever become so lethargic and gullible, ever ?! 

When We the People refer to the sheeple, do they mean the socialists who don’t read and educate themselves but get willingly indoctrinated by their hierarchy ? Or, do they mean the republicans who have been asleep for the most part ? 

I believe they mean their very own conservative Republicans. This is why they made a huge hue and cry about the sheeple finally awakening to the reality and the truth. But this is far from the truth. The reality is that after 3 years having passed since the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN from under their feet, they have NOT yet got to the bottom of “who done it” ! 

They have not been able to put a finger on it. They are sadly unable to prove conclusively about the criminals who did this terrible crime of denying the American people their right to free and fair elections to decide the true leader or head of the Country. This is a travesty of justice and highway robbery of our Rights to protect our Constitutional Republic from bounty hunters and waylaying bandits of the Wild Wild West kind. We are back where we started and this time around we need to get rid of these bandits for good. That’s for sure. 

Sheriffs are required to be honest and hardworking and able to deliver the goods, not just sit in their seats and do as the so-called government officials demand they do. Sheriffs are required to act in the best interest of the People and not bend to the corrupt political crowd. Period.

We need to point the finger accurately at the monster criminal who initiated this mayhem, destroying or almost destroying our well earned Republic. He or she is hiding behind many layers of veils of criminals so that finding the one person has become an arduous task for those who are searching for the Truth.

So, THIS goes on relentless with honest law abiding citizens unable to secure honest information, even through a Freedom Of Information Act or FOIA  request !!!

Where do We the People of Americans go from here on to establish TRUTH for themselves ?! Government in multiple states is corrupt to the core and all federal agencies including federal and district judges and Law Enforcement are corrupt with a margin of error, leaving them unable to save themselves from their own criminality. Yet, inaction, deviation, procrastination goes on rampantly when it comes to honoring the truth, that being their allegiance to the Oath.

Off We go to the Supreme Court of the United States !!!

The “Lawfare” is meant to continue and reach its pinnacle, for justice to be meted out. “Lawfare” being an established form of weaponry engaged in by the radical Left. Now, the Republicans are forced to wield it  in order that the Law will be maintained and justice will be met.

But as I’ve said at the outset, the Biden Administration doesn’t give a hoot about the decisions of even the SCOTUS, if it doesn’t favor them and their agenda !!!

How come the judiciary and  “justice” works only when the Left is involved in blatantly putting Republicans into trouble ? How come the word justice only applies to them and the word injustice applies to us, conservatives ? This two tiered injustice system must end, and end fast !!!!

Where do We go from here ? A real insurrection is in order, I believe, and in order fast !!! May it be a revolutionary manner in which the House Republicans will take on their task and take it upon themselves to subpoena and proceed with impeachments of a good number of people, or with the People taking it upon themselves to do the unthinkable.

I hope the People will not have to be involved as in which case you can expect nothing, since they are so afraid of being imprisoned. They are right now, not even adequately supportive of We the People January 6th patriots, languishing in prisons.

Not much can you expect from their representatives either ! A Hitlerian figure is bound to emerge and rise from such an impasse as this, surely !!! Let us hope and pray that this will be the case, failing all else, and that the figure in point, will be a more benevolent one, for the sake of those who’s very lives are at stake, those being that of the radical Left.


There’s something else happening in the political front right now and that is the hype, the rhetoric and fanfare that resembles a show being promoted, over rights and freedoms being discussed and brought to the fore. This is even more emblematic with people like Tucker Carlson and the likes of him who want the big show out there. Us, Republicans must be aware of this and be wary of these developments as we may very well not see the forest for the trees.

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