Elon Musk Calls on Reporters to Find Out If Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ Is Bill Gates’ ‘Favorite’

Frank Bergman
September 12, 2023
From Slay News

UPDATED on 18th September 2023: https://slaynews.com/news/bill-gates-covid-profiteering-exposed-global-terrorist/

Twitter/X boss Elon Musk has issued a call to action for reporters to find out whether Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates visited Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious “Pedophile Island.”

Deceased sex trafficker Epstein owned a private island in the Caribbean called Little St. James.

Several victims, some as young as 11 years old, stated that the secluded island was a key location where they were abused by Epstein and his powerful friends and associates.

Due to the number of underage girls that were seen traveling to and from Little St. James, it became known by locals and authorities as “Pedophile Island.”

Witnesses and victims have reported seeing powerful elites on the island, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew, and billionaire Les Wexner.

However, while Epstein’s client list remains sealed by Democrat President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), the identities of all of the island’s visitors have yet to be made public.

Questions have been swirling about whether the island was visited by Gates, a frequent flyer on Epstein’s private jet who had a close relationship with the pedophile.

In a post on Twitter, Musk called on reporters to grill Gates about Epstein’s “Pedophile Island.”

The Tesla CEO was responding to an article shared on Twitter that said Gates has been complaining that Musk has been “super mean” to him.

Gates claims Musk turned against him when he found out he was shorting the stock of his electric car maker Telsa.

Musk reportedly confronted Gates about the trades and accused him of hypocrisy for pushing a “green agenda” while hurting the value of an EV company.

“Bill Gates says Elon Musk was ‘super mean’ to him following Tesla short position,” Ian Miles Chong tweeted with a link to the article.

“In my opinion, you cannot be mean enough to Bill Gates.”

Musk responded to the post by calling out Gates.

“Just so that the public understands: Taking out a short position against Tesla, as Gates did, results in the highest return only if a company goes bankrupt!” Musk commented.

“Gates placed a massive bet on Tesla dying when our company was at one of its weakest moments several years ago.

“Such a big short position also drives the stock down for everyday investors.

“To the best of my knowledge, Gates *still* has that massive bet against Tesla on the table.

“Someone should ask him if he does,” Musk said.

“The lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy of Gates who had the nerve to ask me to donate to his mostly window-dressing environmental causes, while simultaneously aiming to make $500M from Tesla’s demise, boggles the mind.”

Another Twitter user commented by linking Gates to Epstein and his island.

“Yep pretty low, even for old Epstein island Bill,” they said.

Musk then called for a deeper dive into the Epstein-Gates relationship.

“Someone in an interview should ask – just hypothetically – which island in the Caribbean island is his favorite,” Musk tweeted along with a laughing emoji.

The comments come after a new book about Musk reveals that he raged about Gates shorting Tesla.

According to a new Musk biography written by Walter Isaacson, he called Gates an “as*hole to the core” who is “categorically insane.”

The two met in March 2022 at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin to discuss philanthropy, but the conversation took a bitter turn, Fortune reports.

“Once he heard I’d shorted the stock, he was super mean to me,” Gates told Isaacson.

“But he’s super mean to so many people, so you can’t take it too personally.”

Musk’s take on the meeting was more blunt, however.

He sent Isaacson a message reading, “At this point, I am convinced that he is categorically insane (and an as*hole to the core).

“I did actually want to like him (sigh).”

Gates justified his bearish stance on Tesla by stating that he believed the supply of electric vehicles (EVs) would soon outweigh demand.

For Musk, however, Gates’s actions were unforgivable.

“How can someone say they are passionate about fighting climate change and then do something that reduced the overall investment in the company doing the most? It’s pure hypocrisy,” Musk expressed after the meeting.

The two billionaires also have contrasting views on philanthropy and the future of humanity.

Musk reportedly told Isaacson that philanthropy is “bullsh*t.”

He claims that there’s only 20 cents worth of impact for every dollar donated.

Gates, a well-known philanthropist, has not publicly responded to this claim.

Moreover, their visions for the future diverge significantly.

Musk is famously fixated on colonizing Mars, a vision that Gates finds excessive.

“I’m not a Mars person,” Gates shared.

“He’s overboard on Mars.

“I let him explain his Mars thinking to me, which is kind of bizarre thinking.”

Perhaps Gates prefers the idea of traveling to destinations that he’s more familiar with, such as the Caribbean.

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