Want to Help Clean Up Elections? Join This *No Cost* Nationwide Seminar for *Grassroots* Election Integrity Groups – September 15-18 in St Louis, MO

By Brian Lupo Sep. 13, 2023

Guest Post by Jack Gleason
From The Gateway Pundit

Nationwide Seminar for Grassroots Election Integrity Groups Announced for September 15-18, in St. Louis.  To join, go to unite4freedom.com and use the contact form to sign up. They will get in touch with you with more details. There is no cost to attend.

Since that historic moment during the election of 2020 when ballot counting was simultaneously halted in six swing states, ordinary Americans have had serious reservations about the validity of the “results.”

Excuses given about a water main break in Atlanta didn’t hold water. The media called Arizona for Biden with only 70% of the votes tallied. Video tape showed counting in Atlanta was continued after workers were sent home with ballots pulled from luggage under a table.

Many expected the RNC to step forward with their army of election lawyers and demand answers, but nothing happened.

Candidates, poll workers and ordinary citizens brought forward evidence of serious election errors, but every court refused to hear their cases.

Hundreds of thousands of peaceful concerned citizens went to Washington, D.C. to protest the results. They asked, “How could a has-been Vice President who couldn’t raise a crowd of more than twenty voters beat a popular President who regularly spoke to crowds of 30,000 plus in tiny towns across the entire country?”

We are now seeing incontrovertible evidence of coordinated fraud funded across multiple states.

In Michigan, major election fraud was uncovered starting with a city clerk who was given 8,000 registration forms by a single person, many of which were in the same handwriting and were incomplete or inaccurate. She reported this to the Michigan police who investigated further and found serious wrongdoing, which they reported to the FBI. Surprisingly, the FBI failed to follow through and Bill Barr of the DOJ “killed their investigation”. The result? Michigan unexpectedly turned Blue in 2020.

In Georgia, concerned citizens reported tabulator malfunctions, and thousands of previously-unknown ballots were found. In Coffee County they are uncovering serious problems.

Despite incessant claims that our election system is not connected to the Internet, engineers have discovered a nationwide cellular network connects election equipment giving the federal government total access to election systems down to the precinct level.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the U.S. Postal Service has released a report that admits it shipped hundreds of thousands of ballots to Pennsylvania. “In the document, the OIG (Office of Inspector General) acknowledges that a contractor in Rochester, New York printed 650,000 general election ballots that went to Pennsylvania. Of the total, 450,000 went to Philadelphia County and 200,000 went to Chester County.”

The Amistad Project said that they have sworn declarations that state over 300,000 ballots are at issue in Arizona, 548,000 in Michigan, 204,000 in Georgia, and over 121,000 in Pennsylvania. They claim that their evidence reveals multi-state illegal efforts by USPS workers to influence the election in at least three of six swing states.”

Grassroots Action…

An organization of grassroots citizen activists in New York State, AuditNY, realized that while court cases appealing elections could be easily derailed, going after election fraud for violation of Federal election laws is a lot more feasible. They began comparing local and state voter rolls and found millions of irregularities. They have submitted two detailed reports to the New York State Board of Elections and have developed a legal strategy that all states can use to force state boards of elections to hold valid elections in 2024 using Federal statutes.

They are planning on filing lawsuits against all officials in New York who stood down on investigations into these irregularities. But state attorney generals and U.S. attorneys across the country can file lawsuits, too, so they are sharing their evidence. Marly Hornik, Executive Director of New York Citizens Audit and co-founder of United Sovereign Americans,  says, “Citizens of every state were apparently defrauded in a massive civil rights violation acting under color of law at the moment these provably inaccurate, non-compliant federal elections were certified.”

Her group is announcing that they are hosting a “Stand for America” event for citizens concerned about election integrity across both parties and throughout all 50 states. It will be held in St. Louis, Missouri from September 15th–18th.

She continues… “At the Stand for America seminars we will help you get election validity facts in the hands of citizens across your state to bring to town, county, state and federal officials, and help you get into court where warranted. We have the experience and the templates to do this. We are already working with Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan. We have trained people in Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, Connecticut, Rhode Island and more.”

To join, go to unite4freedom.com and use the contact form to sign up. They will get in touch with you with more details. There is no cost to attend.

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Hornik says, “Together we will investigate whether our elections have legally defrauded the people, regardless of political party, and if so we will fight to have them fixed before 2024. It is time to put all else aside and get our house in order. We the people will save America’s elections.”

The agenda includes litigation initiatives and templates, building data claims using state rolls and public records, public and political messaging, fundraising strategies, legislative agenda, powerful speakers, and peer to peer support and networking. Paralegals, attorneys, and programmers are particularly needed. Expect to leave the conference with the confidence, knowledge and support you need to help secure a valid 2024 election in your state, and for our nation.

This is a bi-partisan issue. The irregularities in voter rolls enable massive cheating in primaries as well as general elections. Until we have true accountability from our election officials, no one knows who truly won any election. There is no way to know if the candidates our election officials certified to write and enforce our laws and fundamentally change the character of our nation, are imposters furthering their own goals, or those chosen by the American public.

Jack Gleason is the pen name for a conservative political writer. For reprint requests on other websites, to submit inside information about important issues or to share comments, contact him at jackgleason9@protonmail.com

Recent articles… https://www.americanthinker.com/author/jackgleason/ and https://canadafreepress.com/members/1/JackGleason/1249

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