A Five Course Menu

13th January 2024

By Home Cook Sharmini Jayawardena 

Delicious Cream of Tomato Soup made with Roma tomatoes, onion and garlic, chopped and boiled, then passed through a sieve and cooked in a roux with added duck stock and cream. Check for seasoning.

Garnished with chopped Basil.

First Course of Cream of Tomato Soup

Second Course: A Salad of coral lettuce broken into sections, apple slices and cheddar cheese shavings, tossed together with a dressing of lime juice and organic brown sugar.

You can add mint leaves and basil leaves to the salad, if you have them growing in your garden.

Third Course: Boiled potatoes and carrots cut into cubes and fried together with onion rings fried in the fat of the steak. Check for seasoning.

The Main Course or Fourth Course: The boneless Rib Eye Steak known as “Scotch fillet” or “whiskey fillet”, (somehow resembling an inverted Australia here 😁), done to a perfection with 6 minutes on one side, 2 minutes on the other side and 2 minutes to rest.

I couldn’t give it the 2 minute rest! Though, I gave the top a sprinkling of sea salt and crushed black pepper.

Poured over with gravy made by adding hot water to scoop up the crust on the pan, then thickening it with a mixture of wheat flour and the softened juices, cooked to a thickened gravy with butter, in the same skillet. Check for seasoning.

Usually served in a gravy boat.

The Steak with a side of boiled and fried vegetables with fried onion rings.

Followed by a dessert cocktail of a Grasshopper, which is the Fifth Course.

Cheers 🥂 to a Five Course Meal 🍷

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