Something to Sharpen your Perception


The five sources of weaknesses are Hindrances, Sense Desires, the Aggregates, the Lower Fetters and the Courses.

When these five sources of weaknesses are overcome, four arisings of mindfulness come into existence. Having overcome the hankering and discontent common in the world, a monk contemplates the body as body, strenuous, mindful and self-possessed.

There are five Hindrances: the hindrance of sensuality; of ill-will; of laziness; of excitement and worry; and the hindrance of doubt.

There are five sources of Sense Desires: pleasurable and exciting shapes seen by the eyes full of passion and desire; similar sounds heard by the ear; smells by the nose; tastes by the tongue; contact by the touch.

The five Aggregates of Grasping: grasping after forms; feelings; ideas; activities; and consciousness.

The five Lower Fetters are: the individuality-group view; doubt; distorted ideas about rules and rituals; sensuality and wickedness.

There are these five Courses: the world of demons; the animal kingdom; the realm of ghosts; mankind; and gods.

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