At the heart of the matter…

By Sharmini Jayawardena

….is the silent heart attack detector, the device yet to be named though. However it is to be out in the market by March of 2018.

This device invented by a 10th Grade student in Sohur, Tamil Nadu, South India is meant to save thousands of those at risk of getting heart attacks from this silent killer.

Meet Akash Manoj the inventor who speaks of how his grand dad’s death by this disease got him interested in finding a solution to prevent others from meeting with the same fate!

Here are diagrams of the prototype and an image of this device:


The device must be worn on the wrist or behind the ear in the morning and at night before going to bed, by those who have already been diagnosed for heart disease or those at risk and worn regularly by others instead of waiting for a doctor to detect it.

The non invasive silicone device will detect the prevalence of the protein FABP3 that indicates the individual has suffered or is likely to suffer a silent heart attack.

“The skin patch invented by Akash worn as mentioned above “…will release a small electric impulse, which will attract the negatively charged protein released by the heart to signal a heart attack. If the quantity of this protein – FABP3 – is high, the person must seek immediate medical attention.” – Hindustan Times

So, if the result is positive one must consult a physician. This is the first step to preventing heart failure.

Women are supposed to be more prone to silent heart attacks than men.

The device is affordable at R900.00

There are those who consider the detection of silent heart attacks to be yet another penny dropped in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry! Together with the media’s highly suspicious need to constantly focus attention on new diseases; any newly discovered maladies should be treated with a healthy skepticism. 

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