The 14 Day Challenge to The Ketogenic Diet

By Sharmini Jayawardena

Almost every single diet works by temporarily putting your body into a state of ketosis. In this state your body burns fat for energy, instead of burning carbs and protein. But, according to Joel Marion, personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist or CISSN, these diets ultimately fail because they allow too many carbs to be reintroduced, which flip your body’s source of energy from fat…back to carbs.

By limiting your carbs and protein intake, you can actually Force your body into a state of “ketosis”. In this state, your body “learns” how to burn fat for fuel⛽. Almost every diet out there relies on ketosis for fat loss.

There are other Ketogenic Diets that advice a 14 day ‘targeted’ Ketogenic Diet, where you can burn fat EVEN faster, while still eating carbs, sizable portions of protein and even enjoying alcohol.

Although here, we are re-discovering the long lost 1924 French Diet Secret that can possibly help you look younger, live longer and burn more belly fat in only 14 days!

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The French Diet can be summed up in one sentence: “eat small portions of high-quality foods less often.”!

“Forget low-fat, low-carb, low-taste, and low-calorie – the French diet is full of flavour and high in satisfaction. Eating la maniere Francaise (the French way) can keep you slim and healthy.”

Scientists👨‍🔬, doctors👨‍⚕️, and health⚕️ experts call this “The French Paradox“ – believe it or not – it holds the missing link to forcing your body to incinerate the most stubborn fat stuck around your belly, hips, thighs and bottom.

A HIGH intake of a special group of rarely-talked about fats is what defines “The French Paradox“.

This has nothing to do with the Adkin’s Diet and it’s not the traditional Ketogenic Diet.

Here goes –

✅ Associated with a LOWER risk of obesity.
✅ Rich in fat burning conjugated linoleic acid.
✅ Increases GOOD cholesterol.
✅ LOWERS risk of heart disease by 69%
✅ Loaded with Super Fat that decrease cravings and increases fat loss.

Red Meat is Fattening, Causes Cancer, Shortens Life Span.
✅ Helps you gain lean, sexy anti-aging muscles.
✅ Contains friendly Super Fats that increase weight loss.
✅ Loaded with vitamins and minerals.
✅ Reduces fatigue and improves exercise performance.

Cholesterol Found in Fatty Foods Clogs Your Arteries & Leads To Heart Disease.
✅ Loaded with Omega 3 friendly fats.
✅ PACKED with dense nutrients that increase energy levels.
✅ Raises GOOD Cholesterol in your bloodstream.
✅ Rich in Vitamin D to help BOOST your sex drive.

High Fat Foods with Lots of Salt Causes High Blood Pressure & Belly Bloat.
Demonizing salt came about with an insane test on rats conducted by Lewis Dahl who fed the human equivalent of 500grams of sodium per day to rats, which gave them high blood pressure.

But who really consumes 500grams of sodium a day? Nobody!

The average daily sodium intake of an American aged 2 years and older is 3,436mg! 145 times LOWER than the amount this study used!

In fact, research shows avoiding salt can be more dangerous, leading to insulin resistance and risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Eating manufactured artificial salt and not sea, salt was the culprit that black listed salt. Now, people have gone back to eating sea salt and happily so.

✅ Contains 37grams of metabolism boosting proteins.
✅ Amazing source of “friendly” Super Fats.
✅ Packed with essential minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc, and potassium).
✅ Tons of B vitamins to increase energy levels. (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12).

All of these Super Fat Foods, when consumed in moderation and at the right time of the day, prove to be super healthy and make you lose weight.

You can enjoy them everyday GUILT-FREE!

Super Fat foods like butter, are rich in essential fats and rarely consumed vitamin K2, which can reduce the risk of heart disease by a whopping 69%.

Egg yolks are loaded with nutrient dense, antioxidant-rich, vitamins and minerals.

Scientific Fact: High fat salty foods like bacon do not cause high blood pressure!!

When bacon is consumed in moderation, it can be an amazing fat burning food. It is also surprisingly nutritious. A typical 100grams portion contains 37grams of protein, tons of vitamin B and minerals.

Vegetables are loaded with nitrates and our saliva contains more nitrates than bacon does.

These high fat salty foods are staples that have been part of the French lifestyle for years…a clear indication of why they are skinnier and live longer than most of us. 

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