Snacks😋😁 And Offerings To Gods During Tet Lunar New Year

Whoa!!! Galore! Yummy Vietnamese New Year snacks and offerings for the Gods!

Mứt Hạt Sen (Lotus seed sweet in yellow), Mứt Dừa (Coconut sweet in white) and Hạt Điều (Cashew nuts).

Big morsels of deliciousness gift🎁 – Bánh Ít – sticky-rice cake wrapped in banana leaf🍌🍃 for longer shelf life (outside the refrigerator)
As it unwraps and unravels the morsel exposing a cross-section. The filling contains coconut mixed with sugar and peanuts.
Bánh Tet (New Year Cake) shown below is cake made of sticky rice with a sweet filling of cooked banana (in red) or mung beans (in orange).
Delicious sliced Bánh Tet

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