Halloween 👻🎃🦇🕸🍁🍂 Rituals…

…that Make October Magical 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️

This Post was Spooked😱😳😦
We posted this on 30th October in time for Halloween👻🎃🦇🕸 🎃🍁🍂🍃But it was spirited away by some meaningful entity of the dark👹😈👺👾

Apart from Celtic traditions, (Samhain the Celtic New Year) and Latin traditions, (Day of the Dead 💀), in Mexico and other Latin cultures, Halloween is the most popular holiday this time of year.

Halloween leaves open to a diverse array of rituals, to heighten the experience and deepen the sense of magic.

There are simple ways to work with spiritual energy to ignite the mystery and wisdom of Halloween.


Here’s a smudging ritual I practiced a couple of times during this month of October. I hope to perform this ritual on Halloween, 31st October, as well☺️

Dried herbs 🌿 and frankincense burning on ignited charcoal brickett in a terra cotta insence burner.
I picked up the terra cotta insence burner at an Asian store.

Other items needed are:

1.charcoal bricketts or small pieces of coal or charcoal made by burning pieces of coconut shell.

My purchases made at Spell Box, Royal Arcade, (est.1870), North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The ritual written on paper, a bottle of frankincense and dried herbs 🌿 and cylinder of charcoal pellets.
2. pieces of frankincense and dried herbs 🌿 as required.

3. a ring or some round piece of metal with a hole in the centre.

4. a pair of tongs.

5. a lighter

To perform the ritual:

1. Hold the charcoal brickett with tongs and burn it by holding it over a flame 🔥.

If you are using coal or coconut shell, first burn it in a clay pot, preferably, until the charcoal becomes hot. (Have a separate pot for this purpose).

2. Place the charcoal in the insence burner and sprinkle the mixed frankincense and dried herbs over the charcoal and burn them.

3. As the smoke rises and gives out a magical 🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️ aroma, carry the burner around the house, starting from the left side. Carry it through all the rooms, smudging underneath beds 🛏 and tables, so that the smoke 💨 reaches every part of the house.

4. I kept the incense burning for a while by my two fairy🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ dwellings to give them a smudging as well.

Smudging by my stone house 🏡 Fairy🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ dwelling.
5. I then picked up the ring with the tongs and held it so the whiff of smoke passed through the ring.


Passing the smoke 💨 through a ring .

The aim of this ritual is to smudge your entire place of abode, so as to drive away all negative energy, and, to invite in, good and positive energy.

Passing smoke through the ring is supposed to ensures a happy 😃 wedded life to the person practicing the ritual and to those living in the house.

🤣🤣🤣HAPPY HALLOWEEN👻🎃🦇🕸👻🎃🦇🕸🍬🍭🍫🍬🍭🍫

Enjoy 😉 Trick or Treating🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏼‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️


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